Needing information on the California Aqueduct catfish bite

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    First let me say what a great site this is. Now to my question I fish the California aqueduct, a place we all know is a hard place to fish, even when it is at it's best, But In the last three are four weeks I have fished at least three times a week and never even had a bite. If you have ever fished the duct you would know that the small stripers will drive you nuts pecking away at your bait, and keep you busy re-baiting. well not even will the stripers bite. What I was wondering if anyone can tell me why they have stopped biting hear when they are still going strong in all the lakes. The bakersfield Paper last week said at this time that the California Aqueduct, was the worst place in California, to fish. Do any of you fisherman have any answers. Thanks guys and gals.
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    welcome to the BOC there are afew members from cal. on herethat will help you out

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    Hey Phillip,
    I fish the duct up here in Fresno. I been getting skunked out there too. Before, when the big fish were out, they were out. Or like you said, lil shakers bugging the crap out of you:big_smile: I fish the Mendota slough/James Rd. area. Was the only one to catch a cat last night. The bite is slow but for bass and crappie it is HOT! I been wait patiently for the striper and kitty bite to get that hot fall bite:roll_eyes: When the water drops at the slough, the bite really picks up too. Still bout a month away for that:sad2: