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Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by MuDD_Cat23, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. MuDD_Cat23

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    North Carolina
    Guys I am starting to really need no help i cant catch no cats on my rods and reels STILL and im about to go to santee or baidin lake here in a month or so and i wanna get my Ducks in a row before i go so i can at least catch a 2 lb cat im not in it to hunt the big trophys right now im in it just to fish and have a good time i just need someone to take my fishing and teach me PLEASE help
  2. rob128146

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    Rockwell, North Carolina
    Start small!!! Use chicken livers or night crawlers. Channel cats love that. Put some cut gill or shad out too. I know it gets you down but all of us has our good days and bad days. I went over a month and never caught a fish earlier this year(went out at least 3 times a week). Now I can't seem to take time to put 4 or 5 rods out of my boat before i get a run. It will come just give it time and have a positive attitude. Keep trying...