Need user reviews of a boat please

Discussion in 'Boating' started by Krauseb, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Krauseb

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    after flipping my canoe over and losing all my stuff and almost the canoe too, I have decided to get a little personal 10' pontoon boat (seen here ) but before I buy it I was wondering what the rest of you thought. Any one with experience with this kind of small boat? I am curious about stability, durability, and over all satisfaction.

    Thanks guys.

    PS: I'll be using the boat mainly for Channel Cats (maybe some blues if I'm lucky) and bass fishing.
  2. Dreadnaught

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    I had one like this many years ago. It was great for small lakes and ponds.
    It was also very stable and roomy (till you put a second person in it). They are good small water boats at an affordable price.

  3. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    looks like what my wifes cousin uses. He likes it but said that he doesn't like to stand in it.

    You might consider checking out
  4. SubnetZero

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    Sherman IL
    Are you trying to get something that doesnt need a trailor?

    I would suggest looking around for a small used jon boat.. They can be picked up cheaply and you would have more "options" with it...
    Buddy of mine had a small one we would throw in the back of his truck and use a trolling motor to scoot around on.. Worked GREAT!
  5. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Looking at your avatar, you have a couple of fisher person's on the way up. If your going to invest in a boat, why not one that will last for years. I had a 14' jon boat I bought years ago from Montgomery Wards. Couldn't put more than a 10HP on it, but it was purchased before my first kid was born and we fished out of it until he was 17, with his 14 year old brother. But, it is all up to you... the 14' boat was loaded by me, the tackle, motors, batteries, etc. The kids just helped fish. I used it for trot lines, jug lines, bass, crappie and cats. The boat you pictured is just about good for you, really gets crowded with two people and if your both not awake and conscious during the whole outing, the one in the back seat is likely to get a hook in parts of their anatomy they aren't to have holes. LOL
  6. Krauseb

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    Thanks for all the feedback.

    I'm mainly going to use it for scooting around on small lakes, and shallow water.

    thanks again for all of your advise.
  7. clintonhawg1

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    Wabash river bear has one he got last year you should drop him a line.
  8. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    A 10 foot jonboat has more stability.
    Iused to sell boats like these but they were Crowe Boats. They had a patented valve system and a big tunnel up under the hull. When you got your gear in it and the people you pulled a plug in the floor it siphoned the air off of the chamber underneath and in the process pulling about 400 pounds of vacuum. When water started coming through the hole in the floor you put the plug back in. You couldnt flip them. If I had a wishy washy customer I'd drag him and the boat to the pond and put the boat in. I would get in the boat grab the handrail on the side and put my feet on the opposite handrail and try my best to flip it. I never did flip one and it always completed the sale.
    To get the boat out of the water you had to pull a plug on the gunnel to release the vacuum or either get in the water and muscle one end of the hull off the surface of the water.

    The downside to these boats are they are awkward to handle alone. Weight isnt really the issue, its like manhandling a refrigerator. There just aint a good way to grab it and do what needs doing with it.
    If you get one, the best thing to do is buy a small low to the ground flatbed trailer from Northern Hydraulics and slap some carpet on the floor.
  9. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    That's a slender reed.:lol:
  10. Pastor E

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    Beebe AR
    I would get a used 12 ft wide bottom
  11. Wabash River Bear

    Wabash River Bear New Member

    I bought the exact same boat last year. Its great for its intended purpose, ponds and small lakes. They are very stable and carry a pretty good weight rating. I have had mine out on some pretty good size strip pits on windy days and got around just fine with a 40# thrust trolling motor, They are plenty stable enough to stand up to stretch your legs or fight a fish. Light enough for me amd my wife to load in my truck. All in all its a pretty handy lil boat. I just ordered a new 16' jon, but I'm still keepin my lil boat. If you have any more Questions, feel free to drop me a p.m. and I'll help you any way I can.:cool2:
  12. odtimr

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    You might give some thought to keeping that canoe, making it number two maybe. I have had a canoe for so many years hate to think how many. Those kids will love the canoe, I remember my kids and the canoe, now the grand kids. Boy they take to that paddling around slowly, watching those creatures in the water. My boys just didn't take to a boat, sold the best boat I ever had because those kids didn't want to go except in the canoe although bought a boat also when they got older. I have a 14 footer now. I hadn't had the canoe out for years, and last year tipped mine over also, was alone sitting on a lawn chair because the back was hurting. Smart Huh? I hadn't been swimming for years, found I could still do ok only causality was the cell phone. Think you can take that canoe lots of places and in conditions that type of new boat won't work. Just saying if you can afford it don't part with the canoe. Just be a little more careful and keep the weight down low. Luck