Need Tips on How to make Driveway less slick

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Drawout, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Drawout

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    At my house we have a steep concrete driveway, is their anyway to make it not be as slick when things freeze over ?
  2. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    It's a shame a driveway heater system wasn't installed before it was poured.
    They are awesome if you have a long or steep driveway and you live in a climate where you stand to get snow and ice on a regular basis.

    The state uses something here they spray on some roads before a pending storm. I cant for the life of me remember what its called.

  3. Ol Man

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    Be careful using salt as it will eat the concrete causing it to develop pits, flakes and holes. There are some salt like treatments that will de-ice without harm... Sprinkling sand helps also..
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  4. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    For ice, I found bird seed works great. It bites into the ice like sand, melts it like salt, is environmentally friendly and ah, well, it feeds the birds also. Now, ya know what happens when a bunch of birds hang around eating? Yep, they got to, well, pass on what they don't digest. That stuff will melt ice like nothing else. One word of caution, though. I wouldn't advise using birdseed on the sidewalk or anywhere you will walk too much. It tracks into the house and is murder to get out of the carpet.
  5. Dano

    Dano New Member

    All of the above.
    What Ol Man said bout salt and concrete. pits, flakes and holes. At lease that will give your tires something to hold on too year round. :tounge_out:

    In part of Texas your from. What, bout 3 days of ice if lucky. Save some money and park on side of road for 3 days or stay at home and cook chillie. :roll_eyes:
  6. iowacatter

    iowacatter New Member

    I think the thing Mark was talking about may have been Calcium Carb., not sure if thats the real name for it, but the state sprays the roads with it before a storm here.
    A couple other things you can use is ashes, like out of a woodburning stove or even better is Potash. Most farm fertilizer companys have tons of it in bulk. Its fairly cheap and you wont hurt your grass or concrete with it! If you have a broadcast fert. spreader, you can cover a big driveway in very little time. Hope this helps ya some!
  7. MRR

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    Cheap cat litter will work or get saw dust from a saw mill. that works also. And yes that is liquid Calicum the highway dept uses.
  8. laidbck111

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    I have a steep driveway also. I use everything that was mentioned above depending on what was on sale. I have not used the bird seed yet but that is real cheap about 10 bucks for 30-50 pounds. My driveway is black top and I started with deicer and a broadcast spreader but that can get expensive.