Need some sage council.

Discussion in 'Handgun Talk' started by clintok, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. clintok

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    guys Im really looking for a good handgun, I want it to have smooth action and a lot of power need advice. I will be grateful for any advice.
  2. Guns & Cockpits

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    Well, you're leaving yourself open to a WHOLE LOT of suggestions.

    Let's get some questions answered first:

    1. Revolver, or semi-auto?

    2. Do you have a brand preference?

    3. What do you plan to use it for? Hunting, HD, CCW, all of the above?

    When it comes to semi-auto, you'll have a hard time beating the 10mm for a lot of power. Unless you really want to step up and go with the Desert Eagle in .50. .45ACP is a time tested reliable cartridge, and a whole lot of LE agencies across the US rely on .40 S&W on a daily basis. A new big dog on the block that has a lot of guys drooling is the .357sig. 9mm is no slouch either.

    If you want a revolver, you open a whole new set of doors. Cartridges such as the 500S&W, .460S&W, .480 Ruger, and the .454 Casull come in to play. You can also get revolvers in some rifle cartridges, like the .45-70 and the .444Marlin. Classics such as the 44mag, 45LC, and the .357mag have been put through the barrels for decades and loved by many.

    One of the great things about some revolvers is that you can shoot multiple cartridges through the same gun. If you own a .357mag, you can shoot .38spcl. rounds through it with no mods. If you own a .454casull, you can shoot .45lc with no mods. And my personal favorite, if you own a .460S&W, you can shoot both .454casull AND the .45lc with no mods. Talk about versatile!

    However, with some semi-autos, it takes nothing more than a barrel swap to shoot different calibers through different guns. If you own a Glock 23 .40S&W, you can simply drop a barrel in from a Glock 32 .357sig, and away you go. Same mags and everything. There's a barrel to swap 10mm for .40S&W, and .357sig.

    It really comes down to what you want, what fits you, and what you intend to use it for. Perhaps a 9mm semi-auto isn't for you if you intend to hunt with it. And perhaps the 500S&W isn't for you if you're looking for a CCW firearm. But one thing's for sure, you have PLENTY of options for decent handgun power.

  3. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    Great advice from Erik!

    One thing to remember with revolvers is dont buy a 38 special thinking it'll shoot 357, it has to be 357 to shoot 38's, bigger can shoot smaller. I bought my first handgun, a 44 mag revolver a lil while ago and I love, cant wait to hunt with it. Im already itching for another and Its definetely not for ccw so I HAVE to buy another for that, not to mention I NEED a 22 target pistol.:crazy:
  4. slabmaster

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    6" ruger GP100 357 magnum. you can target practice with 38 spl in this gun. if you want an auto loader go with a glock . i would choose one of the long slides. both are very reliable weapons.if you have a lot of money to spend on an auto loader look at a kimber. this is just my opinion
  5. massa_jorge

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    i have a blue gp-100, and i bought the stainless for my father in law, both have 4" barrels. mine's a hog killer, proved it several times. either one is superbly accurate.
    remember though, a lot of states, if you qualify for the chl with a revolver, you must carry a revolver; qualify with a semi auto, and you can carry either.
  6. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    Clint, what is yer primary concern? Makes a difference the advice you'll get. Why a handgun? For example if this is yer first gun, it shouldn't be a handgun.
  7. mrwhiskr

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    I see you got lots of good advice so far so let me just say this, start with a 22 work up , learn if you need and auto or a revolver, let safety be the issue. Know this if you shoot someone, you will need a lawyer and you will go downtown. Noo if's no but's. Safety first.

    Get a permit, learn safety, relax ain't no need to worry all time, just take care your own safety.

    The bad guys don't rule, they just scare.

    Keep them lines wet, fishin is better than worrying
  8. mrmikewattsbar

    mrmikewattsbar New Member

    I own both pistol and revolver.
    Ive learned the hard way a pistol(auto) may jam and not fire.

    Then you may have to
    #1 drop the clip,
    #2 clear the chamber,
    #3 reinsert the clip,
    #4 load n lock another round and still possibly release the safety.
    #5 pull the trigger.:eek:oooh:
    Either you could of ran away from the situation or your target may have you for lunch by then.

    If my 686 S&W 4'' combat MP revlover .357 cal dosent fire

    #1 pull the trigger again
    #2 pull the trigger again:big_smile:
    If nothing happens by step 2,, well its over. At least im not fumbling around, maybe ill have more time to run.

    If your accurate and prepaired all you need is 1 to 2 shots.
    Unless your taking on a small country where you need a squad automatic weapon.

    You need to practice, practice, practice and then practice.

    Being unfamiliar then adding stress of a situation makes for a bad combination with any thing , let alone a firearm.
    Trust me shooting a 357mag at 2am in the dark with just a little humidity or fog is intimidating, huge flash big recoil and you cant see past the ball of smoke thats rolling in front of you.:embarassed:
    Dosent matter if its for home/personal protection or for hunting/target.
    Best advice is find a place that will let you try out some handguns at a range.
    You may not like the big bang of a magnum or its large frame.
    You might have a big set of hands and cant really get comfortable with a small frame.

    Just try out as many handguns as you can, then decide by what roll youll be using the handgun in.

    Buy the best quality that your pocket book will let you.:wink:
    Dont buy junk!

    Beyond that its a matter of do you like fords or chevys or dodges.
    Everyones gonna try to sway you to their name brand and Cal.
    Mr Mike
  9. slabmaster

    slabmaster New Member

    Mr. Mike welcome to the boc.good post
  10. Snagged2

    Snagged2 New Member

    Verde Valley AZ
    Handguns area whole lot of fun, I enjoy semi-autos and wheelguns, from .22-.45 caliber..
    In regards to shooting, if possible get with someone that really knows their way around shooting, learn with them, then .....
    Perfect practice, will get you along a lot farther than just a lot of shooting. Once you have the basics, then other courses of fire come with a lot more fun.
    Get the highest quality equipment you can afford. If you shoot often enough to become (one with it), you'll really enjoy the sport.
    also, there's lots of classes and info/training available to enhance your knowledge. and, the more you know and train, the better off you'll be when you really "need" to.
    There's no magic guns or rounds, just well placed shots. One good hit is a lot more effective than a hail of misses:crazy:
  11. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon New Member

    Snagged is right! I'd rather get missed by 7 rounds of .45 ACP than get hit by 1 round of a .22 LR!!!! :roll_eyes::wink: (With that said, if I had to choose one gun for me it would be a .45 Colt 1911 A1)

    Lots of good suggestions on here. Can't go wrong w/ a .357 revolver no matter what. I agree though w/ a couple of folks it might be a good idea to start w/ a .22. CCI makes some real good 22 ammo (Stingers and mini mags) that will sure put a hurtin' on someone w/ a well placed shot.
  12. olefin

    olefin New Member

    Really good gun with the smoothest action ever made and plenty power
    would be the Colt Python .357 Magnum.
    But they are no longer produced. We purchased a couple new ones back in the 60's and started reloading so we could have some cheap target practice. I could reload .357's for less than I could buy 22's.

    Lots of great handguns out there. Glock and S&W are our other favorites.
  13. iabowhunter

    iabowhunter New Member

    South East Iowa
    I started with a Beretta 92FS 9mm because I thought Lethal Weapon and Die Hard were cool movies. I found out that a 9mm was not for me but most importantly I found out that what I really needed was a good .22 autoloader or wheel gun to learn trigger control. After I traded my 9mm in for a Browning Buckmark I learned trigger control. I shot hundreds of rounds that didn't cost much and found out just how far I could pull the trigger before trigger broke and fired the bulet. My shot group sizes shrank and I started to really enjoy just shooting the .22. After I mastered the .22 I started asking around at the local gun club about big bore center fire handguns for accurcy. Everyone said the same thing. Buy a wheel gun so with that knowlege I went around to gun shops looking for a good .357 revolver. I found a S&W 686 with a 6" barrel and target sights. I also got into reloading at that time knowing that I could not afford to buy a box of 357 or 38 specials every Thursday night. It took some getting use to but the .375 was a sweet shooting gun. I found out that I could load it up or load it down with the reloads. I shot light loads at the range and loaded some full snort rounds for hunting and general outdoor shooting.

    I now shoot a Kimber 1911 45acp. It is the best shooting centerfire auto loader I have ever shot and packs nicely on my hip for trips into the timber.

    So my advice:
    1 buy a good .22 auto loader or wheel gun.
    2 find someone at a local range that knows handgun shooting.
    3 learn trigger control. Know when the trigger will break.
    4 Take your time between shots. There is no rush. Fire, relax, fire, relax.
    5 ENJOY!
  14. Kip Brandel

    Kip Brandel New Member

    Glasgow, Kentuc
    I shoot everything from 22 in an American Arms revolver to a 50AE auto and LOVE all of them. My favorites to go and plink are a 22 Buckmark (First Pistol I ever killed game with and I head shot a squirrel at about 40yds. While I have done groups good enough to do it again I have never duplicated the shot on game and it was a pull and shoot deal without thought!), 357 Taurus (I want a GP but have not picked one up yet) (shooting 38 special rounds) and my 45 ACP's. My 41Mag Ruger Redhawk is a blast also and if you reload you can make the best of this cartridge. I even cut down any cases that split there mouths to 1 inch and load them to 40 S&W levels and call them "41 Special" and they are pleasant to shoot even from my 4 inch barrel Taurus, my 9yo daughter has even shot cans to 10yds from the Redhawk on a rest with the 41special rounds. One day I am going to have a 5 shot revolver converted to 41 caliber JUST for the special round.
  15. bootshowl

    bootshowl New Member

    Indiana, J
    Good advice on the 22. Great fun and practice. Reloading adds to the pleasure and also opens up the possibilities.
    Ya caught my sweet spot with the 41 mag. Taurus makes a 41 five shot Tracker, the model 425, that is a "perfect packing pistol". Great for deer and hogs, and you can download to something really pleasant for the range.
    I think if the Elmer Keith and Bill Jordan had pushed S&W for the "41 special" instead of the 41 magnum, it would have replaced the 357 magnum as the favorite for law enforcement. The 41's were just too heavy for carry. It's interesting that the 40 S&W just about matches the power level those two pistoleros were looking for based on the suggested "police load" that Remington produced in the early sixties when some big cities gave the 41's a try.
  16. Kip Brandel

    Kip Brandel New Member

    Glasgow, Kentuc
    I fell in love with the 41 when my uncle (My shooting hero) dropped a running buck at about 45yds with one shot. Pulled and fired and it slid to a stop. I was hooked and it took me about 20 years to find one that I would call my own, I was at a gun show and the guy had a Blackhawk I was looking at and he came over to tell me it was number 3 of the original production run, papered and in the original box etc etc... Needless to say I told him I wanted a shooter. He asked if I saw the Redhawk they had, A customer bought it from a dealer in another state and did not like it, I got the gun, a holster and belt, 2 1/2 boxes of ammo, 2 speed loaders, the speed loader pouch, and a cleaning kit for $350.
    One day I am going to get enough stuffed away and I am going to pick up a 41 Magnum Lever action and I will be SET! 41 revolver and 41 Lever gun, It will be perfect to hunt while camping on horse back. Only one ammo to carry and an easy to Handel lever gun on the saddle.
    I could do it with 45 Colt, BUT, I like being different!!!!