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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Wil, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Wil

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    Minden Nebraska
    in the past week ive lost my two best friends that i could tell anything to and my girlfriend. i did something majorly stupid and i kept it quiet but then guilt ate at me enough until i told my girlfriend and that caused my two best friends to hate my guts as well. ive had the worse week of my entire life brothers and sisters and just want friendly words.. ive been arguing and fighting all week and ill man up to it too ive even done some crying... hell i just got done doin that actually..but i think right now im just lookin for some friends. help me out
  2. Jerry60k

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    Chelyan, West V
    Things tend to work out just remember sometimes you have to make the first step to make ammends.

    I aint much of a friend but hey we have the same taste in music :cool2:

  3. dafin

    dafin New Member

    Things can be ruff at your age . just keep trying your best they will work out .
  4. Ulikedew

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    Georgetown IN
    You got more than friends here buddy this place is more like a huge dysfunctional at times family.Ever need to talk we are hear to listen.
  5. fish_head

    fish_head New Member

    Well, it happens sometimes that folks get mad at one another. Generally, things will works themselves out, so don't panic and think it won't get better. We all make mistakes, and it will pass.
    I suggest you talk with someone there about this- with your 2 friends, and with your girlfriend sooner or later, and with someone else local NOW. Like with your parents, your pastor, or a family friend that you can speak with face to face. If you are that upset, wake someone up if you have to, but talk it out.
  6. CarolinaCats

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    Rural Hall
    Wil You fessed up to it. Thats the main thing. They should respect you more for admitting you done something stupid. We've all been there brotha! Give it a few days and they will come around. If not..They wasnt your friends anyways.

    Hang in there
  7. bumper

    bumper New Member

    Wil, I don't know the whole story, but try not to let it get to you so bad. Everything may seem awful right now but it'll be okay in time. Give your friends a little time and they should be okay if you were best friends. As far as the girlfriend goes, your young and that it'll be okay in time too. If it doesn't work out you'll find another girlfriend. I did some stupid things with my best friends girlfriend and my girlfriends best friend many years ago and I know it can cause a lot of craziness in your life. I'm sure this isn't the first time you feel like you've done something stupid and it won't be the last either, and that goes for everyone. I think it was honorable of you to man up and tell your girlfriend even though you knew it would cause major drama. Just try to get your mind off it. Hang in there brother, it'll all be okay.
  8. zeboman

    zeboman New Member

    Troubles come and go Wil but it all turns out alright in the end just relax brother you`ll be fine.
  9. tofish

    tofish New Member

    Wil, you leave us all in the blind on this. don't say what you did, and really don't want to know. you look kinda young, (i'm 58) so can say a few things. i've lost "best friends" and "girlfriends" several times in life. sometime over stuped things i've done. heck, we all have. unless it's life threatning in someway to anyone in some way, they can get over it. if they were a friend, they should come back. if not, make more. if not, lots of us here. (just no hugs and kisses. :wink:) life is a up and down just like fishing is. think it over. if can make it up in time, do it, if not, go on with life and don't do again. learn from it. again, ( fishing). starting to get the drift i'm trying to relate?
    god, i'm getting old and feel like it now. :smile2:
  10. bownero

    bownero New Member

    Hastings, Ne.
    You have my support Wil. Whatever it was that you did, if your friends are true friends they should forgive you. True friends should stand by you. People you can trust, including your girlfriend! Just let matters calm down, approach your friends and talk things out. Hopefully they understand and life will go on, if not there is people out there that will want to be your friend.:big_smile: :0a26:

  11. bownero

    bownero New Member

    Hastings, Ne.
    Just remember Wil. We got some fish to catch this year. Keep in touch.
  12. plainsman

    plainsman New Member Supporting Member

    I don't know what ya did, but there are 2 positive things. Ya realized it, ya didn't keep it hidden, (could be a real stupid bad thing in the long run and end up worse) and admitted it. Thats tough to do at your age. I got friends who I can disagree with, sometimes we get really riled up and mad at each other. But we are friends and tell each other the truth, so we gotta respect that even if we don't agree. A real friend won't lie to ya. In the long run a lie is worse. ya did something foolish, but ya owned up to it, in the long run its the best. Maybe what ya did was bad judgement, but thats where experience comes from. Sometimes we learn from bad judgement, its always best to learn from others mistakes but not always possible. Continue to do your best, be a real friend, be who ya are and hopefully they get over it. If not, then maybe ya'll wasn't real friends. Lots of tough times in life, but thats what makes us who we are and gives us the wisdom we will need in the future. I hope you get over it, and your friends and things work out. I'll pray for ya. Do your best to do what is right, and at your age, thats a tough thing, later on people will remember your character, and thats what counts, at the stage you are in in life, we don't always choose the best people for friends or for the right reasons. Bad things have a way of coming out at the worst time, so at least this ain't hangin over your head, if kept inside it can wreck ya. 10-15 years from now people that matter will remember how you handled this situation, hard to imagine that far ahead, but honesty is appreciated by people and remembered, you will still be trusted, but if you are not trustworthy, they won't forget. Be who you really are, not who they want you to be for their own sake, and it will pass. There are plenty folks here to forgive whatever it was, we all do stuff like that at some point. I'm sure there are numerous people here to stand by ya and help. Important to talk it out with someone, and learn from a mistake.
  13. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    In my experience, you worry about what you think of yourself. Anyone worth having in your life will see the mistake and come back. The relationship is typically stronger. This is especially true between male friends. The girlfriend, heck that is something none of us has figured out and likely never will. To get her back..................find another one. Without the Jealousy its a lost cause.:wink:
  14. seacatfish

    seacatfish New Member

    Wil, I can`t say it as well as it`s been said by these other bros, but I want to add my note of support. Being honest and courageous in the face of these things is what people will remember in the long run.
  15. SSgt Fishslayer

    SSgt Fishslayer New Member

    south carolina
    Wil, let me tell you something that you have heard before, but it holds true. Girlfriends come and go (hell some wives are the same way). Best friends come and go. The friends you have now are not necessarily the same ones you will have when you get a little older. i am only 27 years old, and when i graduated high school, i had quite a few "friends". I have only seen one of them since i left home to join the corps. But since i have Joined the Corps in 99, i have met and kept in touch with so many people i cant count them all. my point is you will make new friends, maybe even better ones. you will get a new girlfriend (if the old one doesnt come back before then, shoot you may want to get a new one anyway if she is going to let a mistake that you made ruin your relationship). the friends you make today, probably arent going to be the firends you keep for the next 10 years. so cheer up. if they are going to stay mad at you then thats thier problem.
  16. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    The ONLY friend you will have your whole life is YOU.
    As long as you can look that friend in the eye in a mirror and know you tried to do the right thing and did your best to fix the mistakes you made that's all you need to know.
    That doesn't mean you wont screw up in future but it's what you do after the screw up that shows your true character.
    You are young, you will make mistakes. You will make bad decisions and you will pay the price, we all do. To beat yourself up about it for a minute is OK but then you have to deal with it. Some people will forgive you your mistakes and some won't. As long as you do your best to be the best person you can be and learn from your errors that is the best you can hope for.
    It's OK to regret your actions and to miss your friends but you can't turn back the clock and can only do so much to redeem yourself to others.
    After that, as said by the other posts, it's up to them.
  17. bluejay

    bluejay Well-Known Member

    Napoleon, Mo.
    Hang in ther Wil. You manned up and thats the way it is. Life goes on. You got a lot of friends here. Take care brother!!
  18. SweetSymphony672

    SweetSymphony672 New Member


    I'm only a few years behind you wil and I've been in the same boat before with my best friends.
    Although things will work out, just stay positive and be optimistic...I know it's easier said than done but trust me, it works.

    A final word-I always carry this saying about when I'm in a bit of a pickey: "I'm still living", no matter what has happened you'll pull out.

    Things'll work out:wink:
  19. Big Vic

    Big Vic New Member

    Hey Wil hang in there bro. I know its a nice day where your at cuz I'm only 50 miles east of ya. Speeking for myself I have done some stupid crap to just like everyone else And it always helps me to grab the favorite pole some bait, and go out and spend some time with mother nature and do a little soul serchin relaxin and and some time alone just thinkin things through. Some times my dog looks at me funny but what the heck He's my buddy to.
  20. MRR

    MRR New Member

    Wil, I don'ty think I'd worry a whole lot about the past.Like the old saying (thats water under the bridge.)We all make stupid mistakes in our lives,so don't think your alone. Chances are you'll keep making mistakes till the day you die.We all do.The way I look at it if they can't take you for what you are after fessing up to your mistake they aren't worth the tears .Friend stand by each other in good and bad times. You have gotten a lot of good advice on here. Live your life the best you can and learn from your mistakes. A man told me one time that through life your lucky if you can count your true friends on one hand.You'll know a lot of people but true friends are hard to find. You fessed up to WHATEVER, so hold your head up proud.It takes a real man to admit when they are wrong or did something they shouldn't have.Wouldn't worry about the girl, don't sound like shes worth it. Were all with you pal, hang in there.
    YOUR YOUNG YET Things will Get BETTER in time!!