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  1. ooicu812

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    Im experienced on small rivers, 10ft john 3hp evenrude and trolling. I also hear of many people cannoeing or kiyaking the Missouri river!! Are their certain points of the river or times of the year and obviously water levels that would mabe allow a safe fishing trip using my small rig?
  2. dieselcat

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    Washington, Mis
    I dont think your 3 hp motor is going to get you far on the missouri river,i dont think you would get anywhere trying to go up river.If you could find a place to put in up river from you and maybe catch a ramp down river a lil ways you would prolly be ok,but IMO i would not go out on the missouri in a 10 ft boat:crazy: to many idiots out there that dont respect smaller boats,just my opinion.I would atleast try and get a 14ft big jon with a 20hp motor.again this is my opinion:0a26:

  3. ozzyso44

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    Smithville, Missouri
    seriously, please don't do it.

    I know that alot of old timers:tounge_out: might have gone out in small boats, but they also have bigger motors.
  4. Mo.Hick

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    Madison Mo.
    IMO I would not go in anything smaller a wider 14 ft boat with at least 48 wide bottom and a 25 horse on it. I used to run it with a 16 ft with a 48 inch wide bottom alum boat and a 25 hp motor and had no problems. I would not go in a 10 ft boat with a 3 horse motor. You are just asking for trouble that you dont need. The river is nothing to mess with. It can get you in a heart beat if not carfull. Always remember safety first.

  5. GawnFishin

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    Dude please dont do it if you wanna fish the mo let me know im always looking for fishing buddies
  6. catfishscotty

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    there is the sni river at wellington with a boat ramp that only a mile or from the mouth of the missouri river i took my 2 man boat on it lots of times and caught some good flatheads and channels . but but NEVER ever went into the river i just stayed in the sni its safe for your rig unless we had alot of rain and its flowing into the river strong. cool thing is plenty of places on the sni to park the boat and bank fish its about 40 yards wide but nice big fish in it !!!!!!

    wellington is a small town on old 224 or 24 hwy about 40 minutes east of kc or north of oddessa about 20 minutes.

    the crook river is also another good 1 with big fish that feeds into the river and also has a ramp . its inbetween lexington and richmond

    but please dont go all the way out into the river !!!!!!! and no need to to catch fish , those 2 little rivers have all u need .
  7. OhioRiverCatfisher

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    West Virginia
    It is not worth the risk you are taking with the boat you are speaking of on a big river. Stack the odds in your favor...use a bigger boat & motor!!! I have seen the Ohio River (where I live) go from peaceful to just plain mean if the wrong weather rolls in and it seems that this season has bad weather popping up pretty often. All the posts I have read on this thread hit the nail on the head: DON'T DO IT!!!
  8. GaryF

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    I used to "run" the Missouri a little in a 12 foot vee bottom with a 5 hp motor. I was limited to going upstream maybe a mile or two. You should never start off running downstream with a motor that small, as it's too easy to under estimate what it will take to get back. It would take me an hour to get a couple of miles upstream against the current on the MO, and maybe 10 minutes to get back down to the ramp.

    I had a lot more fun sticking to smaller /slower rivers like the Kansas and the Platte than I did trying to get anywhere on the Missouri. Catfishscotty had some good suggestions there.
  9. Mr.T

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    Don't sugar coat it, Gary -- you used to run the river in a rickety little FOLD-UP boat with a hp motor! I can't believe you went out on the Mighty MO with that thing!