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    so my friend and I just got a boat and we took it out for the first time sun. We caught 1 small blue on a worm and a bunch of sunfish but we tried blue gills live dead cut liver stink bait everything and we didnt get any cats now weve always been on the banks and im not sure how to fish the river from a boat we got onto some log jams but im not sure where to anchor or anything and i dont know what time to go out on the jams and such does deap water in the middle work for cats any info would be GREATLY appreciated ~nick
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    I don't fish the james for blues,I don't do tidal catfish!!! I've been useing crappie right hard lately but the blues stopped hitting on them, they have been wearing the shad out.cought 33 blues and 1 flathead sat. 1bigblue:cool2:

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    Are you looking to target citation fish? Or just catch "catfish"? Based on your bait choice, I'm assuming you were just catfishing looking for anything that would bite. If that were the case, you really should be able to catch fish anywhere, and you probably just hit it on a poor day. Places to target are flats adjacent to deeper holes, and in those holes themselves.

    Also try and identify the current breaks around the structure you were fishing, they will be holding there.

    If it's trophy fish you're after, the dominant bait is gizzard shad found in the river. You can get them with a good cast net or a gillnet. Other bait that can be used is cut or live eel, white perch, herring, and even crabs when they're in the river during the summer. Gizzard shad can be found on flats at this time of year. It would also be a big plus to try and hook up with somebody with experience to show you the ropes. The big boys can be tough to find until you get an idea what to look for. A depth finder is an absolute must!!

    Search this forum and you should find all the info you need to figure out how to get at 'em.

    Where are you in Virginia?
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    I was on the James Sunday the bite wasn't that great:sad2: ......Guessing you have a good depth finder you will need to look for drop offs,holes,any abnormal structure,bends in the river that breaks the current are all good places to find cats on the james.You can even catch them in the main channel.Cut bait is good for blues, anything out the river you can catch to cut on.....Live bait like bluegill is great for flatheads:smile2: hope this helps...I put in at Osbourne all the time...Where do you launch from?
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    I run drop offs down to 30' usin cut shad the size of a dollar bill or so. If there's bait on the hook, they'll tug.
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    for fishing jams, get above and float the bait down current to the jam.

    I also look for humps and fish the upstream sid eof them for channels.

    cut sucker or shad type.. large shinners..

    good luck