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need some help with river fishing

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i have never really fished the river before but I would like to give it a try. the closest place to me is by fort boonsborough. could anyone tell me places near there that you can bank fish for big cats easily. I think there is a big bridge beside a little bar I think its the circle K or something has anyone fished there before? also does anyone know what all you can catch in the river? I heard there are musky, sturgeon, walleye, sauger, and gar, can anyone verify that they are present in the river for me? thanks in advance
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Well, I live beside the Big Sandy river and have only been fishing in it a couple of times, and I haven't had very much luck in it as far as catfishing goes. i caught one good channel cat in it when I was fishing with a bobber and a night crawler. It broke my new pole too!
A friend of mine goes fishing in it all the time under a bridge and catches 6-40lb flatheads all the time, on chicken livers on a circle hook! I don't know what kind of rig he uses or anything, wish I knew his secret.
might go fishing in it tonight and let you know what happens!
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