need some help with Lake Wylie

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    gonna be takin my nephew up to wylie next weekend. looking for a few pointers in the right direction. only place i know to put in at is buster boyd so that's probably where we'll be puttin in. only fished there 3 times last year with limited luck. so any advice is decent places to try, baits, anchor or drift.
    thanks, rob
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    Gaffney, SC
    Wyliecat can help you out with Lake Wylie. I only fished Wylie twice last year so I can't tell ya to much.

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    I would try drifting in Crowders Creek, which is about two miles south of Buster Boyd Access Area.

    Most of the bigger fish have moved in from the main lake to the lower ends of the creeks, but the flats alongt the main channel on the main lake still hold some of the smaller fish. I would work Crowders from the power lines toward the back of the creek. Keep the drift/troll speed below .50mph and try using threadfin shad or white perch fillets.

    If the weather stays warm, and you are fishing on a Saturday, I would suggest you get out there at daylight and be prepared for jet skis and ski boats by 11:00am. The warm weather will bring them out!