Need some help/suggestions with Jekyl Island!!

Discussion in 'LOCAL GEORGIA TALK' started by bigkat7698, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. bigkat7698

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    Bowling Green KY
    I am coming to Jekyll Island for vacation but the catter in me wants to river fish. Could some of you Ga. BOC members help a brother out with some info on some bank fishing for cats close to Jekyll!! Thanks bigkat!!:wink:
  2. Fishmaster1203

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    Jason, the Altamaha River is close, but I don't know about bank fishing spots.

    Maybe some of the south Georgia guys can help you more.

  3. catfish1083

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    hey jason i have never been there but i think someone told me you can bank fish around jaycees landing on the altamaha. you may want to check into it before you go. hope this helps you out. also there is some good shark fishing off the south end of the island near the sunkin ship and off the peir on the north end:wink:
  4. ArmyCatfish

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    alright jekyll you say your closest good cat fishing would be altamaha park on the altamaha river not a hell of alot of bank fishing though sorry to say. however jekyll its self offers some good salt water fishing. and it is SHARK season. bonnet heads atlantic sharpnose and black tip are common this time of year maybe even a hammer head. you can catch them all off the pear on the north side of the isalnd and there is som good fishin of the east edge under the bridge there is another pier. as far as sharks go there its stil early for lemons but if you catch one let me know it might be time soon to go after some big ol lemon sharks. once again for cats im sorry to say you got some distance to go but there is no sham in fishing for somethin else especaily on vacation