Need some help on CJ Brown

Discussion in 'OHIO LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by Ellis, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Ellis

    Ellis New Member

    Yellow Springs, Ohio
    Im going to the CJ Brown reservoir tomorrow and need some tips on good places to fish for cats and what bait to use. Thanks alot:wink:
  2. Doctor

    Doctor Member

    Springfield, Ohio
    Early in the morning I'm drifting the old creek channel if the wind is blowing out of the South, till all the boaters get on the water then I head back into the North end, I'll drop baits under large bobbers about 4 foot using mainly Shad heads or the body sections but they prefer the heads and drift them about 50 yards behind the boat, there is a row of stumps in the middle of the North end going straight towards Goose Island.

    I may be out there in the morning depends on the amount of boaters on the water...........Doc