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    Good afternoon,

    This is my first posting for this year. I need help. I have a boat and I like to fish off the bank or off damns. Do you know of any locations around the immediate Baton Rouge Area that is good for catfishing. I am open for ponds, gravel pits or lakes in the area. I just can not find any places on my own. I only have a few hours at a time for catfishing. I need any help I can get. Thanks in advance.
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    Baton Rouge , L
    We fish around Baton Rouge on the Mississippi River. Nearly all the time we fish from a boat, but, unfortunately, the water is so high that it would be dangerous where we normally go. Please to to the La Rivers section and Baton Rouge and you can see typical catches. I would go a few pages back to see typical trips. Since early March, the River has just gone crazy. Since 2004, I have not seen high water past February. The best fishing of the year, historically, has been April and May. This year, I hope June pans out since the River is not going down to safe level before then. We typicall go on a weekend, leaving about 8-9am and finish mid afternoon. Once things get back to normal, if you like, you are more than welcome to give it a shot with us. If you have your own boat, we can give you guidance also.
    Now, you can read a lot about people catching lots of fish from the levees. I guess the cats are there to eat crap that was in the grass like bugs, etc. I went twice during the weekend before last and didn't get a bite.
    We catch some fish at Lake Verrett. It's a ways farther, but unless you have a boat it is probably difficult to fish.
    There is a BREC pond on North Sherwood Ave that has fish in it. I've never fished in it, but I know there are occasional kids fishing rodeos, Wildlife and Fisheries Demos, etc. There is also a Pay Lake in Robert LA that has cats. I've gone there a few times in earlier years when the river is too high and I just can't keep myself from wetting a hook.
    Anyway, I haven't helped a lot, but please visit and post on the BR Rivers Area. You can look back at 2007 on a different thread and see how we've done. Although we are stymied now, we'll get back at them. If I was going now and had a little while, I would go off the levee. Predictions are that things will be really good as the river begins significant fall.
    Take care.