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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Brendin0702, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Brendin0702

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    North Carolina
    I fish in a small creek that leads out to the cape fear river and just cant seem to catch a catfish back there. I cant set my boat out and I have tried using live brim with wet catfood as chum and still no catfish. If anyone has any ideas on catching catfish back there please let me know.
  2. orion_xxvx

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    North Central Missouri
    I dont know if your water leads into ocean but blood is always good for starting a scent trail. Also bait shrimp works to establish scent.

  3. brinley45cal

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    Id fish at the mouth of the creek where the river and creek connect,especally after a rain.
  4. baldy804

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    well thats a pretty breif description of the area does it have cover? sometimes there just isnt cats there if u want a chum receip i use milo or any kind of grain really put it in a 5 gallon bucket half gain half water make shure u have a lid as it gets ripe and helps keep the bugs out let it ferment for a week or so checking it every couple of days add water if necessary to keep bucket full do this with the lid just set on the bucket for the first week then seal it up and put it outside and down wind from your house or the female in the house might get alittle upset:eek:oooh: after a couple of weeks take and put it in coffee cans or small pails again with lids as its really ripe bye now then use 1 scoop about every half hour or so just spread it in the water and the fish will find it happy fishing good luck
  5. Spock

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    That river's pretty long, and I don't know where you live in North Carolina, so this may not be the problem.

    However, if you are located within close enough distance of the ocean, then the catfish may just not like the salt content in your creek, and thus they probably stay upriver. Do other people catch catfish in your area? And if so, what kind of catfish? Some cats can tolerate salt better than others, although off the top of my head I can't name them. I could find out for you though if this is indeed the case.