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    seminole, oklahoma
    My buddies and I are heading to Texoma saturday. None of us are real great fishermen. I decided to swallow my pride and start asking questions:big_smile:.
    We will be camping at Alberta Creek.
    1.Where would you begin to look for shad?

    2.Where are the blues,flatheads, and channels this time of year, deep or shallow?

    3.Do crappie hang in the creeks and small coves, or by docks and bridges?

    4 What the heck is a Skipjack and how do you catch them?

    5What kind of bait do you use on your jugs?

    The last one... Do those little floating lights at Wal-Mart really attract crappie at night?

    Thanks in advance guys!:smile2:
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    Shelbyville, TN
    That is alot of questions:
    Pretty much all of your questions depends on water temp in your area. The shad will be at the warmest location that ALSO has a fast current. If you have any type of warm water discharge that is the place. These are usually located around factories, steam plants, power plants, and water treatment facilities. If the water temp is below 45 degrees, then the catfish will be located in the deepest holes that contain structure. another good place would be just below one of the warm water discharges that is holding the baitfish. Skipjack are another type of bait fish that you should find in the same type of area as the shad. Here in Tn. I use two/three lead head jigs with with white or green twisters. There are pictures available here on the BOC. As for crappie, I am a catfisherman, but most of the people I have talked to say they are deep right now.