need some advice on trolling motor accesories

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by txthumper1691, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Temple, Tx.
    I bought a 50 lb thrust minn kota trollin motor, and then bought a 9.5 evinrude. both wont function properly together on th transom of my 14' jon boat, they fit but cant steer properly. I see bass pro has an adapter that fits down into th front handle on th outside of th boat. It says its rated for UP TO a 45 lb thrust, but mine is a tad bigger, an I want it mounted so I can still use it w/o buying a whole new trolling motor. th adapter seems to be a good idea, but dont know if it would support th weight plus hold up under pressure. has anyone had any experience w/this, if so whats your thoughts. should I fabricate my own?
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    Turn the head around on it and mount it on the bow and take it out of the water when under way with the punkin head.