need some advice on catching bait

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  1. bigbigjoe76

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    Gilbert, South Carolina
    how would be the best way to go about catching some shad or herring from the bank. i know most ppl use a cast net but i don't have one or a boat. just wondering if they can be caught from the bank.


    KINGCARP New Member

    north carolina
    they make herring rig .i seen them in santee cooper. shad darts will catch big shad.

  3. Robbie Norton

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    You can take a three barb hooks and snatch for them sometime it works, i have gotting they before and have used shad darts:cool2:..?
  4. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    I believe that you can fish off the banks of the rediversion canal, and it should be full of shad and herring right about now. For the shad, cast a 2 inch chartreuse curly tail grub on a 1/8 oz jig head (a lot of people like to rig up with 2, especially if there's much current - 2 will get a bit deeper) on a light spinning rod - like 6 or 8 pound test. You will also catch some herring this way, but for herring you would probably do better with a sabiki rig.

    The shad are in the tailrace on the Cooper River, too, but there's no bank fishing access close to the good spots (up near the dam).

    The snag hook will work too, if you have enough room. Put that on a bigger rod (light surf rod works great) and snag away! (Just watch out if there's anybody around you!)

    The shad were thick last year at Wilson's, but with the water they are running through the rediversion, I think most of the shad will stay in there and not go the rest of the way up to Wilson's this year.