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Discussion in 'TENNESSEE RIVERS TALK' started by Michael, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Michael

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    Clarksville TN
    OK it's been afew weeks since i last been out catching any and i hadn't done any good so i took a few week break to let them start running? has any one been having any luck here in the clarksville area? on the Cumberland or around the steam plant or the cheatham dam or tn river? and what are you catching them on if so . Blue cats? Flatheads? channel cats?

    This is a clarksville and surrounding area roll call on what you been catching and on what.

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  2. skip_jack

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    clarksville tn
    Michael, I haven't been out a lot lately due to my wife's illness, but was having bit of luck below Cheatham dam a few weeks ago. Best bet is to look at the Army Corps of Engineers website for a discharge schedule. I fish for skips in the evenings, then go down river a bit and anchor off. I throw a line or two in and wait till the water starts running. that usually stirs up the blues and a few good size channels. good luck.

  3. TNBigCat

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    I've been to the steam plant at Cumb City the last few days and caught one blue that weighed a pound or two at best. I used shad. There were a few others out as well and were using a variety of baits and had no better luck. Hope all goes well for you.
  4. Peanut ridge Kid

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    Me and the son went to Lock C this morning @ 5 am, The only thing biting was the bugs, We were using night crawlers and small Shad, My son James caught 4 finger size Catfish(that boy only catches Cat's). Me I caught a 6lbs Drum on shad, and 1 little bream on worms. I don't have a boat so that is the report from the River Bank. We stayed till 7am( the Snakes Liked our spot a little better than we did). I hope someone else has more luck on the river today.

    Peanut Ridge Kid
  5. rcneman

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    i fished in a small creek this mornin with some small spinners and caught a bunch of dink suckers, smallies and one 12" largemouth. First time i've been fishin in a month...:sad2:

    Been hanging out at the house waitin for the weather to cool down a bit...then i'll be fishin as much as the cost of gas permits.