need map help, Lowrance LMS 522c IGPS

Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by Catfish Pursuit, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Okay, Lowrance sent me a new sonar unit, super cool and thanks for that! But, I don't have free cell service and don't want to pay for over an hour of waiting before I can speak with a Tech from there so I'll ask here. On my old unit the map would stay zoomed on the area I was fishing, even after I turned it off and back on during the next trip it would be zoomed close like the previous trip. Okay, on my new one for some reason if I turn it off, switch pages, anything, it will automatically zoom out and show the whole map of the US so I have to zoom back in to my local area. Also, if I turn it off, when I turn it back on it asks me what language I want it to read. Any ideas what I need to do to keep the map zoomed in? Thanks in advance! Chris
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    You better keep the shipping box handy. Sounds like you got a lemon from Lowrance. If it's not remembering the language you select, there's something seriously wrong with it, probably an internal battery that either isn't connected or is bad. Or the memory where the language selection is stored is bad or flaky. Probably accounts for not remembering your map zoom level, etc. - it shouldn't revert back to the whole US just because you switch from one page to the next.

    Before you send it back, do a hard reset (instructions here, see p. 27:, then go through the initial setup again and see if that fixes the problem. The reset will delete all your waypoints so copy them to a memory card before you reset.