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need line recommendation...

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I'm looking for a heavier line (~30# test rating) to put on the spare spool for my spinning reel (Pflueger President 3740) for river fishing. Most of this will be done around the wing dikes and log jams of the Missouri River for Flatheads and Blues.

The reel is currently spooled with 10# SpiderWire XXX, which is fine for my usual pond/small lake Channel Cat fishing, but not up to the task of fishing a big river for big fish.

I'm thinking of going to a braided or hybrid line so that I can get a higher test rating and still fit a decent amount of line on the spool. But, I'm concerned about damaging the Aluminum Oxide guides on my rod or my reel.

At this point, the best options seem to be PowerPro, Stren SuperBraid or P-Line Spectrex. All of which cost approximately the same.

My questions is which of these lines will offer the best combination of strength/diameter, durability and not damage my equipment?

Any other lines I should be looking at?


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Power Pro or Spiderwire"Steath" are both decent and have had good reports here. I do use the Spider in 50# and have used the 30# also. Opinion: With casting 6oz sinkers and 10 inch Bullheads fer bait the 30# is tooooo hard on my casting finger on my Surf Spin Rod.


I don't anticipate using weights/bait as large as you mention, and also won't require real long/hard casts, so 30# should be OK. But, a heavier rating is always an option, I suppose.

Does your rod have Aluminum Oxide guide inserts? Have you noticed any damage from using Stealth with the heavy weights? (I'm just probably being way too paranoid. LOL!)

My .02 cents.

The one main complaint I often hear about Spiderwire and Power Pro is that it frays easily around cover and rocks. Causing you to have to trim line and retie often.

Check out Berkley Fireline. It's a good strong line and highly abrasion resistant. It's not really a braid, it's more of a gel spun superline. I fish in rocks and downed trees all night and never have to retie. A few times I've even pulled in whole limbs and the line stood strong.

You can get regular Fireline in smoke, bright yellow, or pink colors, and it comes in many different sizes. I use the 30# test/12# diameter and love it. They also have Fireline XDS in larger pound test, 50# and up.

I also prefer the way Fireline casts compared to Spiderwire, especially in spinning reels. I have yet to try Power Pro so I couldn't make a comparison.
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Thanks, Nate. Can you comment on it's affect on Aluminum Oxide rod guides (if you've tried it on a rod with them)?

Mike, make a post just like this in "Jim Hudsons rod repair" section.
He builds custom rods and has the best info on guides and such.
I broke down and bought 85 pound power pro and I use a 50 pound mono leader. It takes a lot of punishment in the rocks. I like the power pro but not when I get it hung up..even with the 50 pound mono leader its a bear to break..
My buddy uses a three-way, with the hook on 50 Pound mono, and the weight on a 20 pound mono.......Then for his main line, he uses 80lb Power Pro, or 80lb Tuff Line.....there for if he does get snagged, he just breaks his weight off....Works great, but just remember, if you are fishing at a highly flowed water, such as a damn, and how big the dam is, you're going to expect to loose tackle......thats a no brainer.......He uses a 10 ft surf rod and a couple 7 to 8 ft Casting rods aswell.......That works great for out at the dam....Another thing is I use 80lb main line, throw a 4 ounce weight, and a bead, then tie on a barrel swivel, and tie a two foot leader out of the power pro.....more then likely you will still lose tackle, so to me it doesnt matter.....I always try to go with a longer rod, cause if you think about it, you got to think how deep the river is right at about 10 fett of the need a longer rod to pull UP your weight while you pull it it doesnt get snagged..........Hope this works for you.......Have fun, and catch a biggen...
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Steve there are as many opinions about line as there are lines. Probably more. My opinion is that Spider Wire Stealth is hands down the best line money can buy. I have used the braids and superlines like Fireline ever since they came out many years ago.
When you use Stealth use a mono leader and you will eliminate most problems associated with line fray. Let me tell you though that Stealth frayed is still some tough stuff. I don't retie when I see the tiny hairs. STEALTH WILL NOT HARM YOUR EQUIPMENT. It is teflon coated and round. It is not like SpiderWire original. I have never experienced any detremental effects on my rods or reels.
Nate is also right, Fireline is some awesome line too. It just doesn't last like the Stealth
I use Fireline a lot and love it. Mostly on slightly lighter applications.
Heavy Duty applications Stealth or Power Pro. Stealth is slightly less expensive

whatever it takes

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i like the cajun red line myself,its very strong.ive been looking for it in 20lb test but havent had much luck.I have it on my smaller poles and i think its great.
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