Need Lake Murray Advice

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  1. ron16

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    Pelion, South C
    Me and my better half will be headed to Lake Murray this weekend (if the weather permits). I will be using some bluegills I froze from a orevious trip and usually put in at "Big Man's" on the Little Saluda. Any advice on where to go from there or from another launch in the general area? Any advice would be great.
  2. Swampfox.

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    welcome to the boc brother. i use to fish that lake religiously, my mom lives on the chapin side near bear creek{timberlake estates}, if you put in at putnams, bear creek is a good place to pick up baitfish and blues. fish between range key and bear island for channel cat. now back where u said u were putting in, fish clouds creek, there is a few bridges back in there that hold some fish pretty good. really any where you go back in the creeks and channels this time of year you should do fine.i always use bream or shad for bait.

  3. tony

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    lake Murray sc
    the cats are in spawn mode right now.. any secondary point in any big creek is great right matt said, bream is great bait but i also use herring.. i've been wearin the cats out lately.. it's almost to easy right now.points that run off of any island is hot right now also..cattin is great right now here on Murray. also your going to want to fish at night,day fishin is crap because of all the boat traffic. the cats will start biting right at dusk up to about 2am.. good luck...