Need information about Caddo Lake in Texas

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    Going to Caddo on Thursday, have never fished the lake and need information on places to put out and to fish. We'll be fishing out of kayaks and don't have but that afternoon and the next morning to fish, so need to fish not to far from where we put in so as to reduce the paddle time. Also, have the bream begun to bite up there? Love to bream fish as well as catfish.
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    Wish I could help you out man. But I only went 2 Caddo once while I lived in Louisiana. We yo yo'ed, which is legal in Louisiana, and we put in on the LA side as well. The thing I remember most was all the cyprus stumps sticking out of the water. But that shouldn't be such an issue with you being in a kayak. Although I thought it was strange that we were only fishing 2' below the water, all we caught were catfish besides 2 fish!!