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    Hey, I am hoping any SD catters or northern NE catters can help me find a hole or two. I will be camping on the Missouri at Randall Creek over Labor Day weekend and will have gear. My father in law will be along as well and has a deep v fishing boat. Can anyone put us on some cats either with info or by getting together and hanging with us? You can PM me if you don't want it made public. I practice CPR over 5#.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    SE tip of South Dakota
    I go up to Fort Randall Dam at least once a year with the family. When we go up there we usually fish for walleye as it is usually good fishing up there. Last year I went up there we did catfishing though as I have just gotten into it. Below the damn we did try a few spots down river a few miles and found a few descent spots, but the best luck we had was up by the dam. I think I remember hearing there are some real nice spots if you go quite a long ways down river. I have heard some big flat heads reside in the general fort randall area.

    We were in the spillway right next to where the fast current runs out of the dam most of the time. I think it is like 25ft there along the wall and we caught a lot of eater size fish there. We were fishing with stink bait and haven't really tried for any big cats yet as we didn't have the gear for it. I would imagine there are some big ones lurking around the dam and go in there to take a break from the current. With the right bait I bet you could get some to bite. Other than that you could try above the damn because last time we were there we talked to guy that apparantly found some good spots. He said he had gotten like 30 some cats in that day. Also the fish up there tastes very good since the water is so clean. Hope that helps.