Need Info On Sutton Lake

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    Looking for another place to fish. Thinking about Sutton Lake. Never fished it before so I dont know anything about it. I dont have a boat so I bank fish. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Planning to make a trip to the lake Saturday, probably to just check it out.

    Thanks in advance, Dale

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    I don't have any personal knowledge on Lake Sutton but if you run search on NC Lakes/Reservoirs for Sutton you will find lot of info about in. Been several discussions in past about it. I think there was some info about bank fishing not sure. Good fishing.:cool2:

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    Well, unfortunately there USED to be good bank access to Sutton Lake via an entrance to the back wall were you could walk/drive out and set up virtually anywhere. Well, see, the problem with Sutton Lake is that it was made from damming a public body of water, so they can't block complete access to the Lake itself. However, all the land nearly up to the shoreline itself is private on the frontside of the lake and they have fenced off access to the back wall and will kick you off the land if you try to enter the hot ditch via path anymore. And the only public land around the lake is the strip between the back lakes and the Cape Fear, which is only accessable by boat from the river, and you surely wouldn't try to cross this patch by foot if you've ever seen it.

    So really, there is just the dock which is at the boat ramp a.k.a. the only spot in which you can access the lake anymore. So if you don't have a boat, catfishing can be very limited during the hot summer months or cold winter months, because the best fish won't be sitting in that area, because the forage won't be there.