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If you can get to the wires, I'd trace both sets of wires (bilge pump and well pump) back to the switches. Check the connections at the switches for corrosion or loose wires. If you can see where the ground wire goes to, check your grounds for the same thing, loose/corroded connections.

If you have a meter or a test light (you can probably pick up a test light for less than $5 if you don't have one) and check your switches to make sure the switches are working.

Tough to diagnose over the PC, but what I've found for electrical issues is to start at one end of the circuit (pump or switch) and follow it to the other, checking all wires and connections in between.

You may also want to check if either or both of them are on float switches. My bilge pump has a float switch installed and also has a manual override in case the float switch goes bad. Good luck with it!

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