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    the missouri department of conservation did a four point restriction on buck in the northern counties the past few years. well now they want everyones point of view on it. seeing how we are big on catch and release. shouldnt we let our voices be heard and let the deer grow bigger. my though is the resrtiction should be state wide.
    go to and write what you think about it to the conservation department. they were also talking about moveing the seasons around.

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    IMO it should be based on the bucks for the given area. Not everybody is a trophy hunter and not every area needs the 4 point restriction to have big bucks. It's done wonder for the deer quality here in Gasconade County, but up North I don't think it makes a whole lot of difference since there are so many deer.

    I'd definitely like to keep in in my county though I will say that. :roll_eyes:
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    I went to one of the meetings. Seems most people who had the antler restriction wanted to keep it. That one doesn't bother me since we practice it anyway.
    What I don't like is the part of moving the doe season back into October. Think it's still a little to warm.
    Voice your opinion about this also. It is included in the brochure also.
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    this is only how i hunt deer.. i get 2 permits each year the first is for the meat usually a doe or a spike buck to try and help the gene pool in a good way and to help manage the population.. the second deer i take i usually try to wait for a buck the the 150-160 P&Y range. as i am a archery hunter.. if i see nothing thru to the end of december in the last week of the season i will take again either a doe or a spike buck and if the chance presents itself a non typical which to me would be a trophy in itself. with the deer population how it is today we need to worry more about the gene pool and the population then we do the trophies .
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    Your wrong there big time. It has done wonders for our deer herd up north. Our farm is in Harrison county if you are wondering how far north. I have seen a dramatic impact with the 4 point rule.