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    p hill missouri
    i was watching a fishing show the other day and the guide was talking about youth world record fish. i have tried to find the list of world record fish for kids and had no luck. can someone point me in the right direction. thanks
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    Yonder in Mo.
    I don't know if we can name TV shows here or not.
    I saw the same show and the "star"'s daughter Karly caught it, but it wasn't qualified as a record because of his help.

    I would like to know to where to find the "records".

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    I watched that show as well.....and thought the whole time about Eric and his big fish last year. Those that don't know Cuz took Branden and his son out on the river last year and Branden's son Eric hooked into a 72lbs. Blue cat that if Cuz wouldn't of helped him by getting the pole out of the holder for him would of been a new record. That makes Babe's mistake on that show not seem so bad considering his daughters was only around 40lbs.
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    I didn't know there was such a thing.I'd like some more info on this also.:wink:
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    I think that the IGFA has a youth division, but I'm not sure. Don't be surprised if you don't find any information on it on their website; they will hardly even talk to anyone who isn't a member. Gotta pay up first to see what's in the empty sack.
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    Jerry's right, after Ryan brought that up after Eric caught his fish I looked around for it. $40 to join IGFA so you can see the current records. No member, no info. I may pop for it this summer. Like to get the little guy in the books if I could. Stubborn little guy won't let me help him most of the time anyway:smile2:
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    Well I called them up on the phone after Eric belted that fish. The lady was really nice and talked to me about it for a while. She said that the current world record for the small fry category (10 and under) was only 41 lbs for a blue. You don't have to kill the fish to get the record. You have to have photos of all of the fins, good clear photos of the fish with the weight on the scale. The mesurements of the fish and I believe the rig that it was caught on. No person can touch the rod except for the child that caught the fish. You can't place one finger on it or they are disqualified.

    Branden that lady told me that they would like some pictures of Eric with that fish. She would also like the story. I just found their number online and gave them a call during business hours. Their is not much information online unless you are a member. I just haven't decided if it is worth the money yet, but I guess If I ever get a record I might find a few dollars to spare.:wink: