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Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by Gibbzilla, Nov 23, 2006.

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    East Texas
    I bought some bass Power Bait from Berkley's, since I've heard about how good they work. I have no earthly idea how to rig them though. Should I put a hook near the head as well as the tail? A specific rig would be nice. Also, how do I move them in the water? I tried letting it sink to the bottom way out, wait 10-15 seconds and reel a little bit, pull it to the surface and let it sink down again. I did that til it was up to the bank, but I never got any bites. Any help would be appreciated. :confused2:
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    Don't think I've heard of bass you mean the soft plastic power worms?

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    I bought a bait pump and inject them into the soft plastic tubes.
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    Are you talkin power worms, grubs,etc or is it somthing else. If its power worms and grubs then get a bullet sinker no more than 1/2 oz or so, I usally use 3/8 oz and a small barrel swivel. cut a 18 to 28 inch piece of your line off to use as a leader. Put the sinker the main line and at the end of the line attach the swivel. make sure the bullet is small end pointed toward the rod, kinda helps it be weedless. Attach the piece of leader to the other end of the swivel to the piece of leader you cut. At the end of the leader I use a true turn hook witch improves your chances of actually hooking the fish. Then take your worm or grub or lizard and run the hook thru thecenter of it (long ways) until you get to the bend in the hook, kinda like threading it. Then let your come out of the worm, etc and finish threading it to the eye. Once you have done that twist the and press it back into your worm but not so much it comes out the outher side. Now your ready to cast and reel. Cast out as far as you can or need to. Let it sink to the bottom and reel in very slow, not super slow but slower than you normally would. When you feel a bite STOP. Wait and see if it picks it up and start to run. If it does wait 2-3 seconds and set the hook. If it does not wait about 10 or so seconds and start reeling again. Now your not gonna get a bite every cast. bass have a tendancy to hold up in deeper holes in the colder months and you have to find them, but when you do this techniqe should work great. Good luck
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    Adrain a power worm thats made by Berkley are know for the fish attracant they let out know as smell. When fish come in contact with this power bait they have a tendency to bit and hold on longer for you to set the hook. There are several ways to fish this worm.Probably the easiest way to learn is to fish texas style. You thread the hook through the top of the worm about 1/4'" bring the point of the hook through the worm and turn in back into the worm. This is called weedless. Take your line and and place a worm slip sinker of about 1/4 oz on. Then tie to the hook. You are ready to fish. I like a med/hvy rod.Cast the worm and let it sink to bottom then lightly lift a foot or so and let fall back to bottom.Pay close attention to your line and the feel coming through the rod. Other time fish like to see the worm slowly swimming along the bottom. When you feel the fish set the rod backwards in a strong fluid motion. This is long but maybe it will help.

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    are you talking about power bait plastics like power worms and finess worms and such?