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    Well had a blast on Thursday. We were pulling in fish left and right. Only one big guy, but I just enjoy catching fish. But after seeing the big flathead my buddy pulled out of there, I am starting to question our setup. We up until now have just kept it simple. Whatever line size our reels accommodate we use. Which is 10# on most of our reels. But I want to make sure if we get hooked up to a big guy again, when we try to bring it up on shore the line doesn't snap. Right now we use a 3 oz. egg sinker with a bead behind it tied to a barrel swivel on the main line and the same line used for the leader with a 2/0 baitholder hook.

    But after looking around at the different types of line I see that the braided lines have a way smaller diameter so you can get higher test on a smaller reel. So I am going to put 30# Tuf-line XP on my reels, but I don't know what to do for the leader. Do you want a higher test? Do you use mono instead of braided? Should I use clear or green line? Am I even thinking the right direction, or should I be thinking save up some money and get bigger reels that hold higher test mono line?

    Well I know thats a lot of noob questions, but if I could get some guidance I would appreciate it greatly. I am sure I will have more questions to follow so stay tuned.
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    I use a three way rig when I fish the river.


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    Hey Bill,I use 30lb on my mine line and my leader I use 40lb but if Im fish heavy cover I use 80lb braded,On my lake rigs I use for eaters my main line is 20lbs and 30lbs on my leader.Fish on Bro...
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    Bill, welcome to the BOC buddy, good to have you with us. I use 50 pound Spider Wire but a 30 pound should work for you just fine. One thing to keep in mind is to set your drag so your line won't break. Some of the fellows set their drag loose, but I usually keep mine just a little lower than it takes to break the line. To set up my rig, I tie my line to an immovable object and pull back and let the line slip with the drag. If the line breaks, loosen up on your drag until it can slip and your line not break.

    I use a slightly lighter leader so if I have to break off I don't lose any of my main line. If you have a heavy run and are about to be spooled the leader will break when all your line is gone off your reel and save your line and the need to grab another rod to fish with.

    I use 10/0 kahle hooks and don't have to set the hook, just let your rod load heavy and go to reeling. I have had good results using an eating size bream with a few scales scraped off one side. Hook him through the eyes and if you start missing several fish because the fish is hitting the bait from the tail, use a stinger hook in the tail also and that should give you some good results. Judy and I have caught some pretty good size cats using these methods.

    The color of your line will not make any difference to a cat, they don't care at all. Your higher test mono will be pretty stiff and retain a memory pretty easy; but if you are using a bait caster, the heavier mono will work fine for you as you won't have as many bird nests. Mono has a good bit of stretch to it where your braided line has no stretch. I do not use Spider Wire on my baitcasters because if you get a bird's nest it is next to impossible to pick it out. I hope this helps a little buddy. Good fishing and tight lines.
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    depending on your reel 30lb braid should be fine just remember to put a little mono on first to keep the braid from slipping. i would recommend a mono leader of say 50lb to act as a shockleader/top shot that way you'll have excellent abrasion resistance and a little stretch for that last second run. i'd use an overhand knot in the mono, pass the braid through the knot and tie a 12 turn uni knot tighten both knots and cinch it up trim it as close as possible now you have a shockleader.

    for a rig i would suggest a fish finder for a couple of reasons first its cheap, second you can tie the hook leaders and be back in the water in seconds, third great flexibilty you can change weights to suit changing conditions or situations(see the sample of mine with a 5oz sinker and 8/0 circle hook) hope this helps.

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    Everyone in Ohio that I know or have heard get a plus fifty # Flat has use 50# test line. The braids have a lot of advantages. I personally did nt like the 30$ braid due its too small of a dia and use 50.

    theres a bunch here that only use 20# test but IF there are snags to me that sounds abit lite.


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    Welcome Bill, the rig you are using right now is called a carolina rig. It is a good rig but if you want to go after the big boys you will have to beef it up a lot. Like the other guys said a 30# braid would be good and it will be about the same diameter as your mono is now. If you get the braid, just use a minimum of 25# mono for your leader. Some ppl think the color has something to do with it, but my opinion it doesn't. Also, I would step up your hook size and use either a kahle or circle hook. All in all, you're on the right track. Good luck and just remember that drag setting is more important than line or rig.

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    Bill, save yourself some time and effort and aggravation. If you are gonna target cats over 20 or 30lbs go with something like 85lb power pro. The 65 and under doesn't have as good abrasion resistance. If you might tangle with a 30 every now and again just use 30 or 40 lb mono. The 85 I use is for the chance that some day I'll hook into a 70lb flat on this river and I'll need that extra little something to land him. I know the 30's and 40's I'm catching now can't break that line but I want to be prepared if a 70 hits. You must consider the top end fish in your waters when selecting line.
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    With all of the good info you have from the other post, I would only add... Try different things and go with what you like and works for you.
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    :cool2: Was just wondering hwhat kind of line & rig you went with. I myself go with 50lb Power Pro(red),with a 50lb mono leader,3oz egg,and 6/0 circle hook.:006:
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    i use 50 pound power pro and 60 pound stren super braid on my big cat rigs. for flats and blues i use 45# green and 50# clear berkely big game. color doesn't matter on your leader or your mainline.
    if you're talking about the possibilty of tangling with a big cat, i am wondering what your rod/reel setup is. i would say minimum abu 6000. not too big for small to medium size blues and channels, and they've handled any flathead i got into anytime. i like the baitcasters because i still can make long casts and i don't need a rod over 7' to do it. the main thing i like on the baitcasters is when a fish is peeling drag, you can slow the run down some with your thumb. you won't have much of a thumbprint, but i figure it's a good trade.
    main thing to remember is, you might get a different opinion from each brother or sister on here. do a little experimenting and see what works for you. sounds like yall are in a good spot for numbers of fish, so there's your opportunity to try different tactics.
    good luck to ya bud!