Need Help with Knee REplacement Rehab

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by river1214rat, Jan 27, 2008.

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    I am sure many of my BOC brothers and sisters have had knee replacement surgery. my boyfriend is 2 weeks post-op and is getting discouraged thinking he should be doing better than he is. I personally think he is doing great, but truth be told, he is getting inpatent and wants to get on the river and go fishing. Any tips or words of encouragement from those who have had this surgery would be greatly appeciated.
    Did I mention he is an impatient man!
    Did I mention he wants to catch a fish bigger than mine!!
    Did I mention he is at my house where he can sit and watch the river 24/7!!!


    Linda and Gene:wink:
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    Linda, I had my left knee done in '99, and for the first month I was unsure whether I had done the right thing, but after that things turned around and started getting better every day. You just have to hang in there,but remember that therapy is the most important thing of all!

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    Ask Big George ; ) aka Katfshn50
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    Tell him to go ahead and get up on it and they will have to do it again and the second time around it takes about three times as long for it to get back to working right.
    Tell him I have done that and got the shirt to show for it. I had to redo mine because Of my impatients. Second time it took a long time to cure the damage I did to it from not listening to the therpyst.

    OBTW Get him away from that window where he can see the river. I swear you women are so mean.:big_smile:

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    Most important time is the 6-8 weeks! Do your best not to put weight on it and let it set in the bone. But do bend it and exercise it daily. (I assume he has a Passive motion device?) Follow your physical therapy routine to the letter!!! He will be amazed how quickly he will be able to use it and the 3rd month is the charm!! If he screws it up not only will they have to re-operate, they wil have to remove more bone and reset a LARGER knee and he will end up taking a yr to recover!!