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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by JHalden, May 18, 2009.

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    Hey everyone I recently got a white uglystik catfish MH (15-30lb) 7ft spinning with a shimano 3500 baitrunner. I was wondering if I was not going to use live bait would I still want to use the bait runner mode while im waiting for a bite? Assuming that I'm using a sliding sinker, not float fishing or anything. Another question for anyone who has one of these style reels... How do you like to rig your live bait? Do you sink it down heavy or just lightly so it can move around a bit easier? Anyone use a float for this method? Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    I have 2- 6500 baitrunners. I mainly use my baitrunners at places I cant use rod holders, they are nice to have so you dont lose your rig. If your fishing lakes, get some Kat Bobbers from Shiloh, set them at 2-4' depth and put a live bluegill or green sunfish on there and let them swim around. If your fishing the bottom, I tight line in a good rod holder. Usually flatheads wont just slam it, youll see your rod bend a little or maybe smack down a couple of inches, thats when you grab it, and reel up just a little till you feel pressure, then when you feel the fish start to take off, slam him. I find 8/0 or 10/0 King Kahles work the best in this situation. Make sure to put some good line on there. Youve got a good setup there. Id go with some 65 or 80 lb. braid. Are you fishing rivers or lakes? Live bait on bottom no leader or short leader , so your bait doesnt have a chance to move far and hide. With cut bait tight line. Get some good rod holders , and use light sticks. I use 2 zip ties to secure an 8" light stick on my rod.

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    seeings how bait runner mode is basically the same as an baitcasters clicker i would use it at all times you never know when your goin to be takin a leak and cant get to the rod fast enough if ya get spooled thats one thing but a completely different story to have a rod and reel pulled in just my 2cents
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    Exactly what he said. I usually fish bottom, and found that yellow bellys move around quite a bit, gills find a spot and hide out, no movement. I use 8/0 circle hooks, snelled, and hook the bait towards the tail end. My rod holders are nothing more than 18" of rebar, and some pvc with 2 hose clamps holding it together. Haven't lost one yet with this rig set up.


    My wife uses baitfeeder reels on all her river rigs.She still keeps them in rod holders,she just flips the baitrunner switch up when she,s foolin around with something else.:big_smile:
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    You can always use your alarm,, or clicker,, doesn't cost much to engage it!!:wink:
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    Can you believe I catch catfish with my little flamey design Zebco and inexpensive reel. I use worms. Haven't broken the pole yet, but I did have one snap the fault, I need to replace with better line..mines all wore out ! I put a bobber on my line and figure out how many feet from the bottom I want to be. Seems to work. Mostly I think the fish decide when and what they want to eat for their evening meal anyway. Probably watch too much Disney, I think fish have brains!