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    Minden, Lo
    Hi. I just picked up an old boat and motor from my father ( he got it second hand too). We were told that the motor is either a 9.9 Johnson or Evinrude but there is no identification plate anywhere and the owner has painted the motor in camo. Short of removing the paint, is there any other way to identify the make and model? I need to get a manual and need to repair the recoil starter on it. Thanks.
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    Can you find any numbers that you can use with the cowl removed.How about numbers on the prop?Do not scrape the paint looking for numbers or you may very well wipe out the numbers.Find out where the numbers should be.Use a exotic solvent carefully to remove only paint.Keep it off of everything else.When you find model and serial numbers,check them out with your local law enforcement.ID numbers hidden for any reason puts that motor at the top of the Stolen motor suspect list.Now is the time to find out.It is a lot harder and more expensive to have to hire a Lawyer from jail in another county or state.The charge of Possession of stolen property is pretty cut and dried if you are found with it.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee

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    Look on the motor on the top some where there should be a freeze looking plug that will have the numbers on it and it also should be on the transome mount somewhere.