Need help rigging up a catfish pole

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    Hey Guys
    I am new on here and I live on Oologah lake and have done so for 14 years but never catfished with a pole before. Growing up I have set trotline and love to limbline so I know a bit about that but need help on rigging up my pole. I will try my best to word this as ez as I can and not make it so long but I have alot to ask.
    River Fishing for Cats
    1. Line on my reel-- What brand, type, test?
    2. What size swivel?
    3. What size sinker?
    4. What brand, type, test for my lead?
    5. How long dose a lead need to be?
    6. What size hooks and brands are good?
    Lake fishing for Cats
    1. Same qustions as above?
    2. Would someone go into type of places on the lake to fish as far as winter time fish these types and this deep spring time, summer time, dog days.
    3. What baits are good for blues and channel cats do you like.
    Below The Dam
    1. Same as above
    2. Is there a better way to rig a pole than string to top of swivel, bottom of swivel lead to hook and lead from top of swivel with sinker.
    3. Types of bates you like below the dam.
    Sorry for asking so much but am really new at this catfishing with a pole and I have a young son dieing for me to take him catfishing and help would be of great help and I Thank you all.
    Thanks guys it's great to have found this website.
    P.S. I have a boat if that help on place to get in diff. seasons on the Lake and River
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Jeeper; I would recomend going to a tackle dealer, in your area Nabatak in Claremore will have experienced staff to help you select the setup you need. Also they can tell you whats been selling best in your area. Good luck.

  3. catfishinfordman

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    i just use the basic sinker on the bottom and the hook about a foot from it connected from the side with a loop not
  4. Mickey

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    Mike Welcome. Check out the BOC library for different rigs and set up.
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    Agree 100%!! Fishing is trial and error. So many rigs and setups!! One thing about CATFISHING, KEEP IT SIMPLE!!
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    Jeeper with the questions your asking the answer would require a book.What I would suggest is explore this site,all your questions have been answered somewhere.Oolagah is a great place to learn about catfishing.Also there are several guys on BOC from near you maybe you could hook up with some of them for a trip.You could learn more in one fishing trip than you ever could from reading.Good luck.