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Need help picking out scope for Rossi .50 Cal Muzzle Loader

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Hello any suggestions on a scope for a rossi 50 cal muzzleloader on a budget and want a decent eye relief thanks for any help.
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I use a 3X9X30 does good and reasonably priced, if you can find a x40 cheap its better at eye relief. Mines a tasco.
Thats some great advise by the wolfman I use a red dot and it works great.
Tokie..... Wolfman gave you some very good advice. I know the type of woods you will be hunting in and you will need a red dot or a scope with a very low power to pickup the running deer in a hurry. 1X-4X scope would be great. Sight it in at 4x and see if it still holds zero when you set it down to 1x. That is the biggest problem I have had with the cheaper adjustable scopes. I bought a cheap Tasco World Class Bantam and it has never failed me. Holds zero at any power and I have fired it alot. A good set of solid steel scope rings are a must. After throwing a few pair of aluminum rings in the trash I use Burris Signature Zee Rings. You will need a set of medium heights if you buy the Burris, it will allow a 32mm objective scope to clear the hammer and allow you to cock the hammer with the hammer extension. Your Uncle Johnny. :)
I'm with Wolfman on the BSA red dots. I have two of the 50 mm and can't find any complaint.

I have used one on a 12 ga. shotgun then later switched it over to a Bushmaster .223 and neither one knocked it out of zero after being sighted in.

My neighbor just put one on a ruger 22 mag. pistol and let me tell you he was hitting the target at 100 yards with this thing after it was sighted in. It was from a supported position with the pistol but still thats a long way for the pistol. The target was about 2 feet long and 1 foot high. I don't know where he was hitting on the target as it is a piece of steel but every time he shot you could hear it ping when the bullet hit it. Impressive with a pistol.
I had a red field on mine before I stopped hunting. That scope was nice.
Hey thanks for the feedback. Still undecided on red dot or scope have a red dot on crossbow and thinking familiarity but still like the cross hairs with little bit of magnification. Got to run. Need money for final decision heading out to work. thanks tokie
hey tokie ...

i dont know your price range ... but for a little more money say about $80
Buschnell makes a 3 x 9 magnifcation model that has Raingaurd technology
... making the scope water proof ... it wont fog up either ... it also has a
luminated radicle (where you can shine a flashlight on the radicale and it will
luminate) ....

I have a Buschnell Elite 3 x 9 on my deer rifle and it hasnt let me down yet
I got it a few years back so the price might be a bit higher ... but if I had
to get another deer scope I wouldnt hesitate to get this one again

Was looking at the burris rings and the claim they are 30mm rings will that work or should i trie to find 32mm the 30mm are burris zeering like 33 bucks

Thanks tokie
Bull Head would spent the other money but if it is raining i will usually use open sights. Plus working as a server im pretty broke lmao. Thanks again bull head
Bushnell makes a good scope remember though you get what you pay for. I would still go with a red dot for a Smokepole.
If you do decide to get a red dot buy a few extra batteries to carry with you in the field, check the battery and make sure but most run off CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries. When I used the red dots deer hunting I left them on all day so I wouldn't have to turn it on and adjust the brightness knob when a deer come up on me and I would constantly check the brightness knob for different lighting conditions throughout the day. Have a Tasco red dot on a Ruger 22/45 pistol that does a nice job of picking up the target fast while target shooting. The bigger the dot the more of the deer it will cover and the faster it is to get your red dot on him. I gave up on the cheap BSA red dots for slug guns, busted a couple of them and couldn't hold zero with the cheap aluminum mount and they fogged up fast. In my experience a 12 gauge shooting Winhester Supreme sabots was too much for the BSA's. I did try one on a Rossi 50 caliber and it would not adjust far enough without shimming the Weaver mount. Good luck if you choose a red dot or a scope. I am with Wolfman, no power neccesary unless you are shooting 100 yards or more. My scope stays at 1x unless I spot a deer from a good distance and then I crank it up to 4x. Abu
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Well still undecided but was curios if the burris zeerings 30 mm would hold the bantam or worldclass it is a 32 mm scope let me know thanks starting to lean to red dot but still want the scope. thanks again
The 30mm rings wil be too big for the Tasco scope. 32mm is referring to your objective lens. You will need the Weaver Style Burris Signature Zee rings in medium height to fit on your Weaver base. The Medium height rings are models 420520 Black, 420521 Matte, 420522 Nickel. The matte finish 420521 will match your Rossi. Use Loc-Tite when you install the Weaver base for a good solid mount. Abu
Hey thanks Abu look forward to sighting it in with you when ever i get a weekend off. I plan on ordering everything next tuesday or weds.
Thanks to all the others for there comments and suggestions
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