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    Howdy all,

    New to the forum, but not to Georgia (Been here for ten years.). I haven't been fishing a whole lot since my kids were born (Used to be a real serious sportsman as a young man.) because my son became involved in little league sports and I ended up coaching instead of hunting/fishing. So I'm back to fishing and hunting after 26 years mostly away (though I did take them kid fishing so they'd have the interest)

    Now I'm living minutes from Bear Creek Lake, west of Bogart, Georgia (originally from NC) and I don't know the area real well. My son (A senior in college now.) is coming into town this coming week and he wants to go fishing. I don't own a boat, but I do own a good bit of tackle, as I've recently started buying fishing gear. I'm figuring catfishing would be the best fishing to do this time of year.

    I'm looking at two locations, one near Lake Oconee on the Oconee River called Dyar's Pasture and the other is Belton Bridge off of I-985/Belton Bridge Road north of Lula. I'm primarily interested in channel cats and have a good bit of ground blue gill I can use as chum. I can also catch bluegill or shad from Commerce Watershed for bait. I also plan to take rooster livers, shrimp and red worms with me.

    I could use some suggestions on which location to fish and which bait to use.


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    Well I.m not famialiar with the water that you are fishing, but it sounds as though you have a nice variety of bait to try most catfishing spots are basically the same with the same features try to find outside bends on rivers, try to fish in close proximity to a drop off if you know where they are (location is more difficult without a boat I know) try to fish areas with plenty of cover downed trees etc... But above all just enjoy the time with your son, weather you catch any cats or not just spending time with your bestest buddy on the water is what it is all about hope any of this helps and you guys smoke'em:cool2:

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    Welcome to the BOC as for the question I do know that there are some cats in Lake Oconee bank fishing is about all I do but I can tell you that night is usually best time if you can spend the time with your son talking and don't stress on the catching just have fun trying years from now you won't know if you caught but you will remember the time together time is short so spend it well