Need help on where to set jugs

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    Fayetteville Ar
    If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
    I have been trotlining and jugging Greers and Beaver, but mainly have been in the backs of the creeks. Most of where I have been setting has been in about 10-12 feet of water or less. With it being mid/late June, do I need to be out in the main lake in deeper water on flats or next to the channel? I know the cooler water will be out deeper, but just didn't know where these cats will be this part of the year.
    I have been just catching channels and most of them on trotlines set next to the bank/brush. I would like to find some blues and/or flatheads.
    If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
    I have been using mainly cut shad (frozen from last fall), but can catch bream if needed.
    I did catch several fish on prepared bait last weekend too.
    Thanks for any help.
  2. whisker maniac

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    I think I would go out into the main lake find where there is plenty of bream and catch a few put them on your jugs in the same area. Use some bream live on the jugs and some cut.

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    i would start moving out toward the channel and fish about 25 ft. deep with my deepest the water warms on beaver you really have to stay on top of your jugs because mortality rates increase drastically.
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    The main channel & where the creek channels meet the main channel at 15 to 25 feet deep/thermocline zone. It shouldn't be a concern this year with all the water they are releasing ; but the bite picks up while they are generating. It gets things stirred up with the current flow. Just like the river. Tho it is the river in the lake so to speak. With this in mind things get tricky because the boaters run those main channels. Weekend warriors make it nearly impossible to jug when they run till 2AM on warm weekend nights. Try midweek and have it to yourself, pretty much. Watch jugs close on Greers cause it is one of the worst to lose some to others:angry: We fish Bull shoals and Norfork and seldom lose any. Live punkinseeds are great as is cut and whole skipjack or shad. Good luck! PS Right before and after storms, at dusk especially, are good times cause it really thins the crowds and things can quiet down real good.:wink: