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Discussion in 'Hunting Gear Talk' started by kat buster, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. kat buster

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    Ok i am shooting a remington 870. I am looking for a good slug for about 100yds. I would like something that mushrooms and does not fragment like the light fields do. If i have to I will buy the more expensive ones but would like to stay with the cheaper stuff. Any suggestions?
  2. Cathooker

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    Brenneke makes a really good slug. I have used their sabot KO slug with good results out my 870 rifled barreled slug gun. I have shot a lot of different ones and the Brenneke was the most accurate from my gun. Winchester has come out with a new slug that has a co-polymer tip like the ballastic tip rifle bullets. It looks like it will be a winner. The best thing to do is find the one that shoots the best from your gun. Don't worry too much about a slug mushrooming as it is already a lot bigger in it's natural state than any rifle bullet in it's mushroomed state. Accuracy is the key...if ya can't hit em ya can't kill em.

  3. 223reload

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    Since most slugs come in boxes of five I would buy a few different brands and see which shoots true to your gun.
  4. peewee williams

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    You done got good advice.If you know people that hunt with slugs of your guage,ask if they have any old slugs that they are not going to hunt with.Explain and try the different ones if you can get them,then buy what works the best.Most hunters have old ammo and many will help out a fellow hunter.Like the man said,you got to be able to hit it to kill it.If for some reason you can not hit a killing area regular,you should not hunt.It is hard,but the only right thing to do.Yea I know.There are a lot that have no business hunting.They ain;t much in the manhood department in my book.Wish you the best.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  5. dewboy24us

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    i shoot an 870 and i use the remington sabots. has worked well for me so far out to 100yds.
  6. badkarma

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    I have a 500 Mossberg fitted with an 18in barrel and I have shot many, many slugs with it and have found out that it does best with Winchester 23/4 in 1oz slugs and yes I have made one shot kills out to 135yds.Do not buy 3in Mag slugs because all you get is a sore sholder because they kick a lot harder.My Mossberg is a plain riot gun but I mounted a scope on it and have killed a lot of deer with it using slugs and buckshot heck one day while walking through heavy brush I shot one from the waist using 3in Mag #4 buckshot.
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    Indiana, J
    D.J. ya didn't say if your barrel is rifled. If it is you need to use a sabot slug for it to work as intended. If it's not, just a smooth bore; I've had good results with Winchesters 2 &3/4" 1oz HP out of 3 different guns. Stock # X12RS15VP. You can buy em in a box of 15 from Wally World or BPS. You don't need to worry about expansion when yer tossing an ounce, LOL. Jim's right about the 3", just a sore shoulder.
  8. bubbasmouse

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    Chesterfield South Carolina
    f you have a rifled barrel try the Remington Buckhammers.
  9. Little Mac

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    NW Arkansa
    Just some advice, a stupid mistake I made years ago, I was shooting an 870 wingmaster smoothbore. Scoped it and sited it in with 3"Mags. Like to killed my shoulder, So I decided to drop down to 2 3/4 because I was afraid it would knock me out of the tree :embarassed: So anyways not thinking I didnt resite my scope. Sittin in a tree had a nice buck come up the hill, Put the scope on him broad side Kill zone and squezzed the trigger, He didnt move !!!!!!!!!!!! Then took off like a flash.... l thought it was strange as all get out so I get down and go look at the tree he was standing in front of and there at the base of the tree was a hole where my slug hit.. So My stupid mistake has never happened again. :eek:oooh:
  10. south_va_fisherman

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    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    Unless the 870 is rifled, i wouldnt use a slug that far out
  11. xringer3

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    Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick your slug, your shotgun will do that. You'll have to get several boxes of different slugs, and just spend time at the range shooting groups at 50 or 100 yards to see with one it groups the best.

    My duty 870 was really finicky about slugs and buckshot, but my other 870 isn't. The slugs my duty shotgun ended up shooting the best, were the cheaper plain jain winchester stuff. With that load in that gun, it will consistantly take steel pepper poppers at 200 yards, or shoot "minute of deer" out to 150.
  12. chambers bd

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    Hi folks;
    The best slug I have ever shot was a BRI SABOT THAT BABY WAS HOT.:wink:
  13. Duckpoor

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    Didn't I see a post from you asking about waterfowl choke recomendations?

    Well, assuming I did ,that prob means your 870 is threaded for choke tubes .
    There are rifeled tubes out there that take advantage of that feature . I have heard mixed reviews but generally they are cheaper.. ( more afforable )
    than a replacement barrel. Or the Improved cyl tube that came with it will work just fine. Keep checking it for interference if ya shoot a lot . Some times they stretch and can be a bugger to get un-threaded.. Caution.

    My 870 always liked Winchester 2 3/4 " 1 oz .. In fact about every gun I have shot over the years will at least tollerate them.. And they are avaliable at every Wally Mart, gas station and hardware store, Important, when ya walk off and forget your day pack and need And they are Affordable.
    As others have said almost every brand and sometimes even "Batch" within a brand will perform differently in almost every gun.
    Gotta go spend some time at the pattern board and shoot shoot shoot.

    Another just me talking is ...100 yards is a long way in most deer woods in Illinois.
    Hunt the pinches and Scout enough to know where he is gonna be and hunt the wind... let him get close its great.

    Good Luck and get after them.
  14. bn2hunt

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    I have used Winchester BRI for several years. My gun shoots the 3" better than the 2 3/4 which is a real bummer for my shoulder when dialing in the scope. Funny how I don't seem to notice the kick when aiming at a deer.

    Anyway, if you don't have a rifled barrel or at least a rifled choke tube don't waste your money on the sabot's. They are designed for the rifled barrels. Before I purchased my rifled barrel, I used to use a rifled choke tube, I made the mistake of shooting a brenneke slug that was designed for rifled barrels, it even said not to use with a choke tube. Well being young and nieve I thought a rifled choke tube meant the same thing. I had to take the gun to a gun smith and he had to send it off to a company that heat and stretch the barrel so they can remove the tube. The gun hasn't shot a slug with any degree of accuracy since. So make sure to read the box and make sure you can shoot the slug in your gun.

    Mossberg 9200
    Fully rifled cantilever barrel
    Red dot scope
    winchester 3" BRI slugs

    Happy Hunting

  15. gardengrz

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    make sure you try a box of federals. theyv always been the most accurate in any of my guns.