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need help ohio river near louisville

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Hey im new to flathead fishing in the ohio. I just got my boat and am wanting to set out on some night fishing. Since the wether is getting cooler can you all give me some good spots to try on the ohio near louisville.

I dont have a fish finder so finding structure is kinda hard. Thats where I need your help

any good all around spots you guys know of.
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Haven't fished the area myself, but I am sure some members will be along to help out. In the meantime, I would go here:

and download the river charts for the area you are looking to fish.

Start with creek mouths, the old wicket dam sites, curves and bends, you can't find the underwater structure without sonar, but you can find the right spots to try just using the maps and observing the water and currents.

Good Luck,
The Markland pool is a great area taht I have heard a lot about, but I have never fished there. This would be my first spot that I would hit. There are probably a lot of members that know a lot about this spot. Good Luck!!
The Ohio is great for big cats. :D Theres the grain barges down by the watertower. Mills Creek power plant, you can launch at Greenwood Boat Dock or Westpoint at Salt River. Salt River can be good also. And the Falls of the Ohio. Have Fun and be safe.
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