Need help - My dogs were stolen

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by bluecatnut, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. bluecatnut

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    freeburg illinois
    i am needing some help form the boc me and my family's dogs were stolen from our back yard and i was wondering if any one knew anybody the breeds dobermen pinchers or mini pinchers any help would be greatly appercated thanks bro's and sis's
  2. FishMan

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    I have miniature pinschers but my female is retired. I have a male that kicks champion pups if you find a girl dog. It would have to be a good female or my male dog would not be involved.

  3. Cattledogz

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    Dusty, Have you considered going through breed rescue and saving the life of a dog that needs you? There are so many wonderful dogs that come into rescue that would have otherwise died due to lack of homes available.

    A few of the benefits of adopting a rescued dog is that you save a life, so long as its a reputable rescue and uses a fostering home program you will get a great idea of the dog's temperament, these dogs are often already house trained, have basic obedience training, etc. One of the biggest benefits of all is the seemingly extra love these dogs tend to give. Its like they truly know and appreciate the fact they were given another chance.

    At least consider checking into it. Just do a search for the breed(s) you want combined with rescue and you will find lots of info.

    Wish you could find the lowlife that took yours!
  4. kspor

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    Wichita Kansas
    I hope they were chipped. Most likely they were stollen by dog fighters. A cruel and barbaric sport. They tried to get my dobie years ago. I have no love for these scum. I would love to drop these scumbags in the pit and release their dogs. Perhaps that would change their perspective.
  5. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Sorry to hear about your dogs. Mine were taken out of my back yard 4 years ago. In searching for them, I went to the pound 3 days later. Was sitting in their parking lot 30 mins before they opened. Both my lab and my wife's chow/golden retriever mix were put down, while I was in the parking lot.

    Look everywhere