Need help finding with right bobber and weight ratio for my bait. best bobber ??

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    i have been trying to use big lake bobbers . there is a state park that used to be a pay lake. so i know they put flatts in there. and been trying to catch them using big blue gills under a bobber. problem is i feel i cant seem to get the right combination together. how much weight does it take to hold a blue gill down where i want him. and not swim to the top . every time i cast my bait tangles me up . i use those bobber straws and everything . and my bobber goes all over the lake. which is good i think . but i also want it to stay with in 10 feet of where i put it . i was looking at some styrophome wild cat bobbers in a catalog. catfish connection i think . well there the only ones i seen a max weight rateing .now when they do give that . is that including your bait . like bait and weight , 2 oz. or not . will 2 once weights hold any of my bait fish down . even bullhead or small channels. i'm talking aquarium size channels or bull heads . 6 inches or 10 inches. main bait though is blue gills and chreek chubs and suckers. but would like to try bull heads under a float. ok so once i do figure out my appropriat weight sizes . then i need to find the best bobber for my needs. i always tangle. i dont want my bobber weighted down so much it sinks to far . and i need it to be glow stick easy you know . i want to fish pay lake style . just not in them. i also want to fish for channel more under a float more. i really enjoy seeing it go under. but i need help putting it all together . can any one help ??? sorry so long
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    Hello, well one of the B.O.C. sponsor's Gene Chambers He makes those KatBobbers

    Here is the link

    Some of them can hold up to the weight of the bait fish 4"-10" Plus up to
    7-9 oz Weight I think.

    As well he also sells the glow sticks and the bobbers have a whole just right for the glow sticks

    Give them a try you Should love em Also there should be some threads on the main B.O.C. Page about fish people have caught on them I just started using them But will post as soon as the fish feel like biting for me.

    Hope this helps

    Try this link as well

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    not only does gene make a quality cat bobber but his service after the sale is the best i have found.i placed an order thursday and i just got it to day.thats a 5 day turnaround every where else i have ordered stuff from 5 days is about the time it takes for them to say they got my money and then its 10 to 20 days till i receive the cant do bussiness with a better person.
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    Try a 1 oz float and 1 oz weight.