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Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by webster_catman, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. webster_catman

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    im going crappie fishing for the 1st time this weekend at a lake were camping at and have no clue how to catch them, any hellp would be appreciated, i want to catch alot of these fish to eat
  2. Tim pretty much got you covered. There good eating I will tell you that much. Good luck and have fun camping!


  3. s_self88

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    Shawnee, Kansas
    I like to use a dropshot rig. That way you can tie a jig at several different depths, and you don't have to adjust your bobber. You can also try several different colors. Fish around any cover. I like to fish aroud docks, a dropshot rig works great for that. And if you have a boat, bridge pillars are one of the best places to catch crappies, if the lake has a bridge that goes over it.
  4. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    Here on Pickwick lake in West Tn, We catch them over deep water. The water is 25 ft and the fish are holding around 15 to 17 ft. I use 4 hooks per rod. I tie a 1/2" sinker to the bottom, Then a hook a ft above than then three more a ft above the bottom. That way I can cover more water. Also I fish using a spider rig. Fishing 8 rods and 4 of those are 16 ft long. And the other 4 are 12 ft long.
    Covering a 40 ft wide spot and 16ft out in front of the boat.

    But I figure your only going to use one rod. SO tie a sinker to the bottom. Then a hook a foot above that and then one more about 12" up. Look for brush piles in 12+ ft of water and drop straight down into the brush pile.

    If it were me fishing out of a boat. And using a fish finder. Look for bait fish schools and fish hanging with them. And fish at that depth.

    The fish are bitting light here and you will miss a bunch of them

    Good luck.

  5. webster_catman

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    thanks for all the help, tim pretty much described the whole lake, luckily there wont be many people not to many know about the lake and u couldnt get a boat in if u tried, but its deep, and loaded with huge fish since no one fishes it,
  6. jtrew

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    I'm no crappie expert, but here are a few things I've learned about them over half a century of fishing.
    1. Crappie will move up to hit a bait more readily than they will move down. And they won't change their depth very much.
    2. When you are fishing a hotspot and the crappie seem to turn off, that's the time to try changing baits, especially from jigs to minnows, or vice versa.
    3. If you are marking fish, but they won't bite, try scaling one or two fish over the side of the boat, letting the scales flutter down through the school. I don't know if the crappie think the scales are food, or what, but sometimes, that will turn them on. Remember though, nothing works every single time, not even dynamite.
  7. webster_catman

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    thx for all the help, hopefully ill catch some of them, what would the best kind of live bait be
  8. CatfishWEIRDO

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    Small minnows some might say waxies,red worms,maggots
  9. nuthinlikeacat

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    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    I have had my best luck using a slip bobber rig, but if that isnt seeming to work, I try casting. I use a yellow or green Mister Twister spinner tipped with a crappie minnow. Usually, if the crappies are there, one of the two methods will produce fish.
  10. HoosierPoleCat

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    Tim said a mouth full....
    warm weather I fish timber, cold weather deep holes and then will suspend. good luck bud
  11. r_bray89

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    the best part is cleaning the crapies
    and then to eat them