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    firat off i would like to thank every one on this site for sharing all the storys and info about catfishing ive learned a lot of things on here. Anyway i was wandering what is wrong with me because in the past ten years or so I used to do a lot of fishing and i always done very well and then i slowed down fishing and started to go out drinking a lot and didnt really fish much in the last 2 years but in dec 27 of last year i got ran over and almost died but now im doing a lot better but i started to go fishing more now because the accedent changed a lot of the things i do now and it seems like i cant catch any fish any more can someone tell me what ime doing wrong on the river? i fish swift,shallow ,dikes,deep ,at rush island and chester .i use shad,mooneys, skipjacki am lost. thanks for any help.(sorry so long of a thread)
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    First of all. Welcome to the BOC Adrian! We're here to help ya! I'm sorry to hear of the accident you were involved in. Hang in there BUDDY!

    My advice on the fishing is to talk to some locals and find out what they are using. If there is any specific baitfish in the waters you are fishing, then try to catch them and use it for bait. What type of Cats are you targeting?

    My suggestions:

    Flatheads- Live bait, like Bluegills, Carp, Goldfish, Bullheads, Shad, etc.
    Blues - Fresh Cutbait, like Gills and shad, make sure it is fresh!!
    Channels - Cutbait, Dip Bait, Liver, nightcrawlers (stinky stuff!).. live bait also..

    Hope this helps you!!:wink:
    Good luck and post the results!!:wink:


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    I think it is mainly just finding the places where they are at, look for some new places, with good structure that holds the fish. The places you use to fish, might not be the hotspots they use to be. Sounds to me like you are using the right baits, just keep trying different places and baits.
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    Adrian we are glad you are doing better after your accident and are here to post on the BOC. On the fishing it has been slow on the mo river for me also. I just try to use all the different baits i can and try different places. If you have a boat just keep moving different spots and structure and types of current. I know there will be others on here that will post up and help you.

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    Hi Adrian, I was in sort of the same boat as you are. I had a couple bad spills that destroyed my knee that will soon be replaced in early November. Fishing is one of the things I loved and what I did. Not being able to work and bills pilling up from many different doctors in the end not wanting to do what is needed due to my young age. I had to sell my boat, my place at Truman Lake and sacrafice a coupel of other things. Things got real depressing and for a long time I didn't fish or do some of the things I loved to do. Mid Summer my life was getting back on track and with that. I wanted to go fishing again. It seems funny, but I had to re-learn everything from fishing on a bank instead of a boat. If you want to catch those fish as bad as I did. I spent every single night for one week trying different spots and locating them. Sometimes I would try two or three spots in one night from the bank. By the second week I had a pattern and everything just fell into place. I soon cought my biggest channel cat ever with my one trip by boat on the river and not long ago had one of the best nights ever from fishing on the bank.

    I like and love the river and want to do more of it. However, this year just hasn't been the year for rivers from what I read most of the time. Sure plenty of big cats have been caught and some PB's like Toms have been caught. If I had a boat still, I would be out in the river a little more, but that will come next year when I do have a boat again:smile2: For now, I have been doing what has been working for me and fishing lakes has been the ticket for me especially Blue Springs Lake. Lakes are easier for me to get to without to much of a hard walk on my knee. Keep trying different baits till you find something that will start to work as well as keep trying various places. Sounds like you got the boat for the river and the will. Just keep at it and you will have them figured out just like you once did:wink:

    Good Luck and Keep On Fishing!!!