Need help catchin' Blue Back Herring

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by rob128146, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. rob128146

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    Rockwell, North Carolina
    I have always caught my own bait. My bait of choice has been Shad for Blues and Channels. Live gills or Godfish for Flatties. i notice a lot of people using Blue Back Herring. As a matter of fact I have had a couple people tell me point blank that sometimes and one area I fish I would do a lot better with the Herring. I trust these couple guys with my life when it comes to Catfishin'. Might sound stupid but I don't know how and what to use to catch Herring. I have never caught one in a cast net and I have never caught one on rod and reel. I know what they are but don't know how to catch them. Can anyone help with this!! I could ask the two that help me out but I hate to just keep asking if you know what I mean. I know they would help but I feel a little stupid asking this question. Thanks a million guys and gals!!:big_smile:
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    Rob, they are up river on Badin near the dam. Sometimes you get 'em in a net, sometimes not. If you set up a light near the treslte at night, you'll see them chasing the little bait. throw net on 'em or use a sabiki rig to catch 'em. You have to give it an hour or two though when they come in. They will feed on the really small shad around the light. I've seen times on Badin where a flathead would hit nothing but a herring. good luck.