Need help canning.

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    I need detailed instructions on how to can....well everything.:smile2: Actually I need a recipe for jalapenos and how to can them.

    I also have a crap load of apples that I would like some recipes for canning them.

    I hate to waste this stuff in the garden so if somebody could help me learn how to can without a pressure cooker I would be ever so grateful.
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    Sheila, I didn't get married until I could find a women that knew how to can! lol We have already started. Tammy always used the hot water bath because she was afraid for the pressure canner. I use that, but she still is nervous about it Canning is very simple once you get the hang of it. It would take a lot of typing to explain the ins and outs to you, so I found a really good site for you. Good luck, and remember it will always taste better when you do it your self!

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    This is a very good recipe for canning peppers

    Use a 50/50 olive vinegar mixture

    Pt jar

    2 cloves garlic
    1/4 of a onion
    1/2 Sm. carrot
    1 t salt (canning salt )
    pack jar tight
    bring liq. to a boil and pour up to the neck put on seal and lid then water bath for 10 Min.
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    Shiela,I like using the water bath myself,I posted a recipe here for pickled okra,I think the same would work for peppers,I use a 50 /50 mixture of water and cider vinigar with a lil mustard seed added and 1 teaspoon canning salt added to each pint of peppers,Boil the viv/water and ladel into the tightly packed peppers .leaving a1/4" of headspace. I add the salt before and a clove of garlic as well. then put on the lids and follow dir. for water bath canning,I think I leave for 15 min in the bath,But I havent canned in two seasons so I'm a bit rusty .
  5. Netmanjack

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    Heres one that several Ohio brothers have requested.
    This may be right up your ally because you can them in the oven! :big_smile:

    Sweet Hot Pepper recipe

    4 C vinegar
    4 C sugar
    1 C water

    Boil to dissolve the sugar.

    Clean and slice hot peppers. Pack into quart jars.

    Add: 1 pinch of parsley flakes
    1 pinch of dill weed
    1 pinch of salt (non-iodized)
    1 pinch of alum

    ½ tsp garlic powder, I use thick sliced garlic or small sections
    I also like to put thick sliced onions in too!

    Sterilize your jars, seals and rings and pour liquid over peppers hot!

    The trick to this recipe is using your oven to can. Put them in a 300-degree oven for 30 minutes.
    It sounded a little odd to me, but seals very well with out over cooking the peppers.