Need Help Canning Tomatoes

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    hey everybody, i apologize for putting this thread here, but i don't know where else to put it. I need help canning tomatoes. i've heard a bunch of different ways to do it, some easy sounding and some hard. and some requiring more ingredients than others. i need the easiest way to do this, and i don't have a pressure cooker, which i know you don't need anyway. Here's how i WOULD do it if somebody tells me this way is ok.

    1 - blanch tomatoes, then put in cold water
    2 -peel and core tomatoes
    3 - put all tomatoes in pot, and bring to boil
    4 - using clean, HOT jars, spoon tomatoes into jars almost to top, and add 1 teaspoon of salt
    5- put HOT lids and rings onto jars, and place jars upside down until the jar seals

    from what i understand, they will seal just from the tomatoes being so hot. does this sound right?
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    Pinson, Al
    I would not do it that way. I am not saying it would not work, but I
    think you would be taking a chance to make yourself or someone else
    very sick or worse.
    People used to can tomatoes in a water bath canner. A water bath
    reaches 212 degrees. Most new canning books suggest you pressure
    can tomatoes because of the low acid content of the modern hy-bred
    tomatoes most people grow today.
    A pressure canner reaches temps of 228 degrees at 5lb., 240 degrees
    at 10 lb., and 250 degrees at 15 lbs.
    My canning book recommends for whole tomatoes 5lbs pressure for
    10 min. for pints and Quarts or 15 lbs pressure for 0 min. In the zero
    min. you just want to bring your canner to pressure and when it first
    starts to release steam turn off the heat.
    Be sure to use canning salt and not table salt.
    I blanch and peel as you stated and then place in hot jars I do not use
    step three as you decribed.
    The best way to can is to get a good canning book and go by their
    recommendations. Do not use grandmas book as vegetables have changed
    due to all the hy-breds and there have been a lot more research done
    since grandmas book was written, and there are more types of bacteria
    enzymes, and molds today than in her day.
    I hope this helps good luck with your tomatoes.

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    Poppa is right about canning tomatoes, I use a pressure cooker too,

    dont can like you described in your post, that is NOT GOOD, you will make your self very sick and could die, you can use a water bath for tomatoes and it will work just fine you do not have to use a pressure cooker, I just use it because I have one, I also take them to 5lb, pressure, I let mine vent a good flow of steam before I put the regulator on, I can my pickles the same way, you can hear the jars when they seal they will make a popping sound when the lid pops down,

    even tho Tomatoes are very high in acid content, that is not a safe way to can, JMO

    good luck on your canning it is fun and good eating ((LOL))