need help about high water fishing

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    I wanted to make a trip to the Juniata for catfish this weekend. Would anyone know if the water is fishable or too fast of a current? How do you fish catfish in moveing water? I never went for catfish in rivers it has always been lakes.
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    Irwin PA
    Well im not sure on that river since im on the west side but my general rule of thumb is if the current takes more than 4 oz down the river , then i fish slack water and look for structure but if i can keep 4 or less oz in the channel thats where i fish... hope this helps ya ... again i dont know the river you fish at all so you may have to decide for your self the best route to take. :cool2:

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    That was some good advice from Naack. I'm not sure what area of the Juniata you are planning to fish, and I can pretty much guarantee that there is someone on here that may know more about the Juniata (as well as catfishing), but here's my thoughts. I fish primarily the Susky around the Harrisburg area and we're currently running 5 1/2 ft. That's still a little high and a little fast but worth a shot, so I'll be out there this weekend also. The Juniata however (from my limited experience) is much narrower and loaded with alot of shelves, and that extra foot of water can turn it dangerous pretty quick depending on the area fished. None of this is a major concern if you are fishing shore, but from a boat, be careful and have that life vest!!! Other than that though, fishing moving vs lake water is pretty much the same. Will just need to use more weight to hold it in place on the bottom. I used to have a camp up above Lewistown and would throw chicken livers out and catch nice sized bullheads all night long. Slack water right off the channel. Just experiment a little and they'll let you know once you find them. Good Luck!