Need Healing Gourd seed.

Discussion in 'Garden Tips And Talk' started by peewee williams, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. peewee williams

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    I am looking for the seed to what we called a "Healing Gourd".It looks like a Gourd on a vine and it can get 4 to 6 inches in diameter and 2 foot long.You cut off what you want to fry,and it heals over each time until it is gone.I like to eat them,but the rat ate my seed.I would like to get several planted around the yard if I can find the seed.Thanks.I love you brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Peewee thats one ive never heard of, but there is a guy at work that is into that kinda stuff. Ill ask him tomorrow when i see him.

  3. Bayoubear

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    near that hellhole dallas
    i looked into that for you on some of my online gardening haunts and talked to some I know that grow edible gourds and nothing came up known as a "healing gourd" however the asian community are huge growers of "bitter gourds" a.k.a. bitter melons in the USA. johnny's seeds out of maine has a good number of edible gourd seed and im sure the right googly search will turn up more for you.