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    does anyone have any tips on catching coon? we have about 8 coilsprings for coon and 8 longsprings. we havnt cought a coon in about the week long line we have been running. there has been a few times where the trap is flipped over and the bait gone on pipe sets and weve tried using aluminum foil on the pans in water and it hasnt worked. i bought a 220 conibear to try and use but i need some tips on bait and trap presentation. we kno they are there, just cant seem to get em. its on a creek about 20 feet wide and anywhere from 6 inches to 10 feet deep, were setting out 110s in front of some rat holes along the bank in the morning so i need some tips for that to, just set them in the entrance to the hole? i need any ideas from bait and so on from experianced trappers. thanks a reply or pm will do doesnt really matter.
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    south dakota
    for the coon just take youre 220s and get a five gallon bucket and cut a notch on each side so you can set the conibear right in the entrance. put the bait in the back of the bucket. 4 the rats putting the conibear in the entrance is fine.

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    SE Iowa
    Ditto on the bucket set.
    You can use muskrat for bait also.
    Do you have snowpack?
    Lots of times the coon will hole up and wait for warmer weather.
    If the outside temp warms up 10 -15 degrees from the day before the coons will be active.
    Here in Iowa coon mate from late jan to mid feb. Other times too but the old boar will definately be out looking for romance at that time.
    Unfortunately holing up causes them to have stained fur.Seems they ain't very well potty trained:wink:

    Also make sure you are still legal.

    the best to ya
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    I have had good sucess with footholds by investing in a quality coon lure and dipping a dry twig in the goop and placing it pointing out towards the water about 6 inches out and up from the water ,place a trap 6inches in front of and a little to the side . and use guide sticks to keep em from working from the side if they get a smell and investigate you'll catch em.
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    I would agree with what the others have posted. The cold snap were in right now has them denned up. As soon as the weather warms up they should be on the move again. Here in Ohio it should start warming up a bit this weekend.
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    south dakota
    if theyre holed up go and find some old buildings and set some buckets in them.
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    All good advise given by this old timers trick... If you can find a den tree....most of them have a lot of sign like coon crap and foot prints in the snow...coon when they den up they still come out to use the rest room and stretch their legs...won't go far...base of the tree only and get relief and right back up to the den...set as close to it as possible...I don't us scent ...I use sardines in mustard sause...make a small cubby set ..put sardines in back and guard opening with a 1 1/2 or a 2 coilspring anchored good and give it a day or'll connect as soon as they come down...may take one or two trys to get past the possums but you'll connect while others are waiting for them to return to the creeks...dirthole sets near den trees works well also....use a call scent at the dirthole set...I set them more in the open near the den tree, in doing so you just might come up with a grey fox...bowfoot
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    if ur getting flipped traps either the trap wobbles in its bed and the coon feel this and flip it out to see what it is or the trap may have lure or something on it and they flip it out to see if its food or not
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    as a professional trapper
    a lot of good information here.

    i agree with warcraft
    make sure that trap is beded solid and don't move(dry land or water)
    if that traps move,i don't care how much it moves that coon will trip that trap or flip it over.

    as a instructor of a trapping school
    as i tell my students ,coon is the biggest culprit of dug up traps.
    they love to play in soft ground(skunks the same way)

    here's how i get my coon.
    i prebait them with trash fish over the summer or at least two weeks before season (if legal in your area)this pulls a lot of extra coon
    squirt a good dose of fish oil all over the bank around my pocket sets ,make sure some hits the water,as the oil floats down stream,bits and pieces cling to the bank and the coon will follow it up stream to your sets.
    (i trap water).rake you some mud up and push your trap in it.this will bed your trap .set the trap at the edge of that pocket.

    the goal is to make that coon move around and the fish oil will do that..
    when a person uses just bait and lure ,once the bait is gone the coon leaves.
    yes he will be back .now when you use the fish oil the coon will move every were trying to locate the food.
    any questions please feel free to pm me

    this set will also catch mink and rats
    fish oil can be used as a trailing scent from tracks straight to your bucket or any other sets as well.

    if you use that 220 conibear in a pocket,cubbie or bucket make sure the trigger wires lool like this 7 except one wire will be straight down the side of the jaw and the other straight a cross the top of the jaw.this will in courage the coon to work the sets better.the bad thing with this set up in pocket sets you will miss mink and rats.
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    I try several diff baits and one i really like. take canned mackrel from the store its really cheap. add some sardines and some fish oil. mix into a paste and get ready to cash in on bank sets !!