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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by riverdawg-1, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. riverdawg-1

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    salem, va
    Has anyone used an "outhouse" style blind? Wally world has some on sale for around 45-50 bucks. I almost got one today, but they seem kinda tall. I know they are so that you can stand up, but it seems like a little wind would cause a tall blind to move more. I don't hunt out of blinds much, are other blinds this tall? I also am considering getting the blind at Dicks that is a folding camp chair with a zippered blind that goes all around you with places in the mesh to shoot through.
  2. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    Sorry, no help from me on the outhouse blind. The second one you mentioned, however, is one I own. Didn't get it from Dick's, but I am sure it's the same one. I have tried quite a few blinds, most seem made for bow hunters. I only rifle hunt and needed a smaller one for the reason you stated, wind, and for many other reasons. I tried several small ones, with most not quite what I needed. The "chair" blind, is one I like. I have only one complaint with it. It is a bit tight to move my particular rifle around in. I use a Browning A Bolt with the Boss system. That makes for one LONG rifle. It' will work in that blind, but not as easy as I would like. I bought mine from Cabela's. I notice in this years catalogs, they list a two seater that appears to be the same blind, but about 50-60% wider. I think that would make a great improvement. It would help if they offered it in different camo, but that's not a big thing. Material seems to be durable enough. Oh, it works real well in heavy rain. I also really liked that the side windows are help up by magnets. No sound when opening them. speaking of side windows, I wish they would open a slight more further back. you will be able to see straight to your side, but if you want to look more behind you, you'll have to lean forward.
    Incidentally, they are every bit as easy to set up or take down as other companies "claim". It is a bit clumsy trying to put it back into the carry sack, but one person can do it.

  3. Cathooker

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    I have an outhouse blind and a doghouse blind. Both have worked really well for me. If they are staked down properly yoo won't have any problems with "normal" wind. I do not like the stakes that come with it...they are too small. I bought some good tent stakes and it worked fine.
  4. dougc

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    I've got both of those as well. The outhouse is a little tight for bowhunting, but the doghouse works great for one, a little cramped for two. Never had a problem with wind, but they do come with rope and extra stakes for securing the blind.
  5. steveg442

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    I have a doghouse blind that stakes to the ground. It works well keeping you out of the elements. I also use a small Coleman propane heater in mine. There's plenty of room for one but two might get a little cramped.
  6. Whistler

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    We have a few of them, but I find that a treestand is better if you can use one. To me the key with these blinds is getting them out there soon enough for the deer to get used to them. Stake them down good like the directions say and they are pretty good actually. Plenty of room for one hunter with a firearm. I wouldn't imagine them to be much good for a bow hunter. We haven't set any up this year yet. I'd guess if you were packing in to a place where you couldn't use a treestand, they would work too. I just feel like it would be a foreign object in a deer's world. Something to avoid til they are used to it.
  7. barrelbritches

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    The first deer stand I sat in was a one holer out house . I did not think i would ever see that come up again.
  8. flathead willie

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    I just got the API Terra xt blind and I love it. I'm 6'3" and it's tall enough for me to stand up in and then some. It comes with the folding chair and 3D camo. It also has loops all around it to add natural vegatation, and has stakes, ropes, shoot thru screens, bow hanger, inside pockets for accessories. The best thing is when used in a pouring rain, it stays dry inside. It also is plenty big enough for two people and their chairs.
  9. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    A buddy of mine bought one of the Rivers Edge (?) blinds a few weeks ago. Talk about roomy..... I was impressed. The camo on the outside was flat, too. With most of the blinds I've seen, the camo material actually can have a shiney glare to it, but this one had a flat camo material that it was made out of. Anyway, there was plenty of room for me, him, 2 chairs & an ice chest between us. BTW, he's about 340 lbs. he ain't no little squirt. I think he paid around $90 for his.
  10. brinley45cal

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    yeah i had an outhouse blind but i found it to hard to shoot with my pants around my ankles:wink:
  11. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    guys around here are useing old portashitters on stilts as blinds. i think that idea stinks. lol jk ,they work great they say. myself i use limbs and stuff from the woods to make my ground blinds.