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    This may be a silly question but would anyone be interested in selling some skipjack? I am near Kansas City, MO and some buddies and I are trying to plan a trip down to load up on bait. In my restless head of mine i keep thinking about the reality of this situation. In the gas money we would spend and a whole weekend of time, we may not even be successfull. I am estimating 200 to 300 dollars at the minimum a piece for us to come down there. Around here if somone has skipjack it is selling anywhere from 3 to 6 dollars a piece. I would like to have quite a bit if anyone would like to do this let me know we can PM about price and details i would be willing to make the drive to pick them up.
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    There is a BOC member named russ he has a bait shop at New Madrid, Mo. Contact him he probably has skipjacks for sale. look for him on the Mo. site. hope this helps.